Is Mrs. Doubtfire's 2025 Remake With Will Smith Real or Fake? New Movie Speculation Explained

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Will Smith, Mrs. Doubtfire

Speculation is escalating about whether a rumored 2025 remake of 1993's Mrs. Doubtfire starring Will Smith is real or fake.

Is 2025 Mrs. Doubtfire Remake Real or Fake?

A new poster went viral (largely on Facebook) teasing that a remake of Mrs. Doubtfire is being released in March 2025. 

This would hypothetically feature megastar Will Smith in the leading role, taking over the part originally played by the late Robin Williams.

The poster shows Smith donning a wig, a flower-adorned dress, and round glasses, which is reminiscent of the look Williams used for his 1993 film.

Will Smith in Mrs. Doubtfire sequel poster

To the relief of many fans, this poster is verifiably fake, as there are no plans for any kind of Mrs. Doubtfire reboot to be made.

Currently, there is a musical theater rendition of Mrs. Doubtfire moving across the United States on Broadway, which will run through the end of November.

Will Mrs. Doubtfire Sequel or Remake Ever Happen?

In 2001, Bonnie Hunt started developing a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire, which was set to bring Robin Williams back as the titular disguised character. However, Williams was unhappy with the script, leading to rewrites in 2006 before it was eventually scrapped.

During an interview on BBC Radio 1 with Edith Bowman (via Newsday) in 2006, Williams said Mrs. Doubtfire 2 was not going to be happening with him. He even made it clear that the story was not right for him, noting he would only do the film if he felt it was worth doing.

Williams spoke again about the potential sequel on Alan Carr: Chatty Man, saying the reason the sequel was not made due to the script not being right.

Additionally, Mrs. Doubtfire director Chris Columbus shared his involvement in developing a sequel during a chat with Business Insider in November 2023.

Columbus looked back to the year Williams passed away in 2014, noting they "had a script that was written" shortly before his death. Williams' main comment to Columbus was about the costume, not wanting the second movie to be as "physically demanding" as the original:

"He and I didn't talk about a sequel until the year he passed away. We had a script that was written and it was the last time I saw Robin. I went to his house and we sat down and talked about it and the script was really strong. Robin's only comment was, 'Boss, do I have to be in the suit as much this time?' It was physically demanding. For Robin, I think it was like running a marathon every day he was in the Doubtfire costume. He was older, obviously.

Once Williams passed away, Columbus shelved the project, feeling that there could not be a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel without its main star:

"So we talked about it and I think he was hoping in the rewrite we would cut back on the Doubtfire character. But then Robin passed away so there will never be a sequel to 'Mrs. Doubtfire.'"

It took a long time for the sequel to even be theorized since sequels were "looked down upon by the artists" at the time, with Williams not being in favor of making it:

"It's an interesting thing. Back then, there was an attitude that sequels were looked down upon by the artists. So Robin was against doing a sequel immediately after."

However, while admitting that Fox and Disney own the rights to the film, he did not approve of a sequel or reboot being made and would be "very vocal about it if they decide to do it."

Mrs. Doubtfire is now streaming on Disney+.

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