Saw X Gets Imminent Online Release Date (Official)

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Saw X just received an official online release date for premium digital purchases.

After opening in theaters on September 29, the latest Saw film has earned $71.9 million worldwide, a clear success given the film’s $13 million production budget.

Movies being released in theaters or on streaming has become more of a question since the global pandemic forced studios to rethink their strategies.

However, horror films have stood the test of time, with many sticking to a standard release strategy of theater exclusivity before moving to online and streaming.

Saw X Online Release Date

Billy the Puppet in Saw X

Lionsgate's Saw X will be available to purchase online starting Friday, October 20, per the official Amazon Prime Video pre-order listing.

Amazon has its listing price in UHD, HD, and SD at $24.99.

The October 20 online release date was previously reported, including an option to rent for $19.99 starting on the same date.

When Will Saw X Begin Streaming?

The journey to streaming on Saw X may not be as quick as horror fans are expecting. Unlike Five Nights at Freddy's (distributed by Universal), which will launch into theaters and stream on Peacock simultaneously, Saw X will have a much longer wait.

Being distributed by Lionsgate, Saw X will eventually be available to stream on Starz, which is owned by the same movie studio.

2021's Spiral, starring Chris Rock, was released in theaters on May 14 and eventually began streaming on October 8. This 147 theatrical-to-streaming window is a good indicator of when Saw X will hit Starz.

Based on that timeframe, Saw X will likely begin streaming sometime around February 23, 2024. If that does not end up being the exact day, it's almost certain that the latest Saw installment won't hit Starz until 2024.

Saw X is now playing in theaters, and it will be available for online purchase on Friday, October 20.

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