Santa Clauses Season 3 Gets Exciting Update from Producer

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One of the producers of Disney+'s The Santa Clauses series thinks there is a "good shot" the show will return for Season 3. 

As a part of Disney's festive fare, the hit Santa Clauses series returned this holiday season, continuing the story of Tim Allen's Scott Calvin originally set up in the beloved Santa Clause films of the late 1990s and early 2000s. 

After a successful first season, the Yuletide TV show was greenlit for another batch of episodes (released in 2023). Still, the franchise's future remains a mystery with the studio keeping mum on a potential third season. 

The Santa Clauses Season 3 Is One Producer's Christmas Wish

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Despite not being officially greenlit, The Santa Clauses executive producer Jason Winer thinks the series will likely get a Season 3. 

While speaking with Behind the Lens, Winer opined, "while [things are] never a certainty," he feels the show has a "good shot" at getting picked up for a third season:

“The show is a a giant hit for Disney+ a Season 3 feels… while it’s never a certainty, it feels like we got a good shot.”

He remarked, there is still so much storytelling potential for the seasonal series, including room for more cameos like those that have happened over Seasons 1 and 2:

"The truth is, there’s so many cameos.. We have lots of cameos, obviously, from the legendary figures and even Judy the elf, who’s the elf who hands the cocoa, in the original movie. We tracked her down and she makes a secret cameo as the proprietor of Judy’s Hot Cocoa Stand at Centopolis."

"We literally bend over backwards to connect our series to the original movies," the Disney+ creative continued, hoping that with a potential Season 3 they can "can scratch all those itches for the fans:"

"So, we literally bend over backwards to connect our series to the original movies, and create Easter eggs for the fans, and we have so many cameos though, and so many roles, frankly, that we would love to make, and hopefully we get to do a Season 3, and we can scratch all those itches for the fans."

One bonus to doing a third season - Winer observed -  would be getting to "have enough original tracks to really release a proper soundtrack for three seasons combined:"

“If we’re lucky enough to do a third season, we’ll have enough original tracks to really release a proper soundtrack for three seasons combined. You’ll be able to find these tracks out there in the world from this season, but my dream is to put it all together and really put out a soundtrack of these original songs.”

This is not the first time Winer has commented on the idea of a third season either. 

In an interview with TVInsider, Winer was asked if there were any hints as to what could be next story-wise for The Santa Clauses hidden in Season 2, to which he replied, "It comes up this season that [the newly-introduced gnomes] hate the trolls," so " it feels like a layup that we introduce the trolls then in the third season:"

"There’s a runner in the first season about the elves hating gnomes. Every time a gnome is mentioned, they go 'ugh, gnomes' which I thought is so funny. In the second season, we introduce you to the gnomes. But it comes up this season that the gnomes hate the trolls. So, I’ll be interested to see if anybody picks up on that runner because it feels like a layup that we introduce the trolls then in the third season."

Will The Santa Clauses Season 3 Happen?

No plot specifics have been made public for The Santa Clauses Season 3, as it awaits a potential renewal from Disney. 

But if the series is to move forward, there are a few things fans can/should expect. 

One of the priorities of The Santa Clauses thus far has been expanding the world of the North Pole while remaining intricately connected to the original trilogy of movies. 

This has allowed for the likes of the Easter Bunny (played by Tracy Morgan) and other Holiday favorites to pop up. 

Perhaps Season 3 could feature even more Holiday-themed personalities, bringing back a name like the Tooth Fairy (originally brought to life by Art LaFleur in The Santa Clause films) for more whimsical fun. 

Another character waiting in the wings primed for a return would be Martin Short's Jack Frost - who served as the primary villain of The Santa Clause 3. Perhaps, this time around, Jack could be asking Scott (aka Santa Claus) for his help with an impending threat to the holiday season. 

This could also serve as the perfect way to set up a franchise-capping fourth Santa Clause movie, sending Tim Allen's iconic take on Kris Kringle off in style with another big-screen adventure. 

The Santa Clauses Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming now on Disney+. 

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