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The Santa Clauses is back for Season 2 on Disney+, featuring a more expansive cast than ever before in the franchise's history. 

Following up on the success of Disney's The Santa Clause trilogy, The Santa Clauses centers yet again on Tim Allen's Scott Calvin, a man who - after seeing Saint Nick fall from a roof one Christmas night - is forced to take on the role of Santa and deliver toys to the children of the world. 

However, the conceit of the streaming series sees Scott trying to find a Santa successor as he aims to retire. However, things do not go as planned, making the Man in Red look to his son, Cal, to potentially follow in his boot tracks. 

Here is every character and actor expected to pop up in The Santa Clauses Season 2.

Every Major Character & Actor in The Santa Clauses Season 2

Tim Allen - Santa/Scott Calvin

Tim Allen as Santa Claus The Santa Clauses
Tim Allen

After watching Santa fall off a roof in 1996, Tim Allen's Scott Calvin was forced to take on the role of Santa, and - almost 30 years later - he is ready to retire. The Santa Clauses Season 2 sees Scott trying to train his family to care for the North Pole without him, including mentoring his son, Cal, to become the next Santa.

Allen is one of the best-known comedians of the 1990s and early 2000s. After breaking out on the hit sitcom Home Improvement, the Santa actor has gone on to star in the Santa Clause trilogy, Toy Story, and Galaxy Quest

Elizabeth Mitchell - Mrs. Claus/Carol

Elizaberth Mitchell Mrs Claus Carol The Santa Clauses
Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth MItchell's Mrs. Claus/Carol may not have been in the franchise since day one, but she is just about as crucial to the series as they come. Carol is the wife of Tim Allen's Scott which also makes her Mrs. Claus. 

In The Santa Clauses, she joins Scott and their daughter, Sandra, south of the North Pole at the end of Season 1 before being forced back to save Christmas.

Mitchell previously appeared in The Santa Clause 2 and 3 as well as the hit TV drama Lost

Austin Kane - Cal Calvin Claus

Cal Calvin Claus The Santa Clauses
Austin Kane

While Austin Kane's Cal Calvin Claus appears as a small baby at the end of The Santa Clause 3, The Santa Clauses sees the son of Scott and Carol questioning what he wants to do with his life. The young Claus decides he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and be trained to become the next Santa.

Kane's previous credits include Netflix's Never Have I Ever, the Lethal Weapon TV series, and HBO comedy The Sex Lives of College Girls.

Elizabeth Allen-Dick - Sandra Calvin Claus

Elizabeth Allen-Dick Sandra Calvin Claus The Santa Clauses
Elizabeth Allen-Dick

Sandra Calvin Claus (played by Elizabeth Allen-Dick) is the second and youngest child of Scott and Carol. Like her brother, she is also trying to find her way in the world, unsure of the family business. She and the rest of her family are back at the Pole after failing to find a worthy Santa successor in Season 1.

The Santa Clauses Season 1 marked Allen-Dick's acting debut.

Devin Bright - Noel

Devin Bright Noel The Santa Clauses
Devin Bright

Devin Bright's Noel is the Head Elf for Santa at the North Pole. Given his title, he is the leader of all of Santa's little helpers and right-hand man to the Man in Red himself. Noel is also married to former Head Elf Betty. 

Bright can also be seen (or heard) in The Unicorn, Burden, and Pixar's Monsters at Work.

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias - Kris Kringle

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias Kris Kringle The Santa Clauses
Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias stars as The Santa Clauses' Kris Kringle. Kris is the owner of a Santa-themed amusement park in the North Pole known as Santaland. Described as "a warm, generous soul who is determined to keep his struggling theme park afloat" (via Deadline), Kris gets tied up with the villainous Magnus Antas, setting free a Holiday-themed force he never could have anticipated. 

Iglesias has previously appeared in Magic Mike XXL, Ferdinand, and The Book of Life

Eric Stonestreet - Magnus Antas aka The Mad Santa

Eric Stonestree Magnus Antas The Santa Clauses
Eric Stonestreet

Serving as the primary antagonist of The Santa Clauses Season 2 is Eric Stonestreet's Magnus Antas (aka The Mad Santa). After being accidentally released, Magnus returns to the North Pole to take down the Calvin family, believing he is the rightful heir to the Santa throne. 

Stonestreet is best known for his role as Cameron Tucker in ABC's hit comedy Modern Family as well as his work in The Loft, Almost Famous, and The Secret Life of Pets

Matilda Lawler - Betty

Matilda Lawler Betty The Santa Clauses
Matilda Lawler

Matilda Lawler's Betty is the former Head Elf of the North Pole and Santa's current Chief of Staff. She is also married to Davin Bright's Noel and oversees operations as best she can at Santa's Workshop. 

Lawler can also be seen in HBO's Station Eleven and the animated Flora and Ulysses. 

Marta Kessler - Olga

Marta Kessler Olga The Santa Clauses
Marta Kessler

Olga is a newcomer to The Santa Clauses Season 2 and is brought to life by Marta Kessler. She is a surly gnome who does not quite understand the idea of feelings, serving as the sidekick to Eric Stonestreet's Magnus Antas. 

Kessler's other credits include The Mysterious Benedict Society, Cosmoball, and Union of Salvation

Liam Kyle - Gary

Liam Kyle Gary The Santa Clauses
Liam Kyle

Liam Kyle returns to The Santa Clauses as Gary. Gary is the leader of E.L.F.S. (Effective Liberating Flight Squad), an elite team of elves in the North Pole responsible for any covert missions into the real world that may need to be taken on. 

Kyle previously appeared in Disney+'s Pinocchio, Home Team, and Best Foot Forward

Isabella Bennett - Edie

Isabella Bennett Edi The Santa Clauses
Isabella Bennett

Isabella Bennett's Edie is one of the high-ranking elves in the North Pole who regularly reviews the list with Santa to make sure every good child gets what they want and even - at times - advocates for those on the naughty list. 

When Bennett is not making a list and checking it twice with Tim Allen's Santa, she can be seen in Little Angels and Kidcoin

Sasha Knight - Crouton

Sasha Knight Crouton The Santa Clauses
Sasha Knight

Sasha Knight returns in The Santa Clauses Season 2 as Crouton. Crouton is another elf who helps jolly old Saint Nick with the going-ons of the North Pole. 

Knight's other work includes Boss Baby 2 and Cowboys

Ruby Jay - Riley

Ruby Jay Riley The Santa Clauses
Ruby Jay

Ruby Jay reprises her role as Riley for Season 2 of The Santa Clauses. Riley is Cal's first girlfriend who he meets while living in Chicago before taking a step into the world of potentially being the next Santa Claus. 

Jay's previous credits include Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, and Holly Hobbie

Mia Lynn Bangunan - Pontoon

Mia Lynn Bangunan Pontoon The Santa Clauses
Mia Lynn Bangunan

Pontoon (played by Mia Lyn Bangunan) returns after briefly appearing in The Santa Clauses Season 1. She is another elf seen working in the North Pole. 

Bangunan is best known for her voice work in the hit children's series Bubble Guppies

Laura San Giacomo - La Befana, the Christmas Witch

Laura San Giacomo La Befana the Christmas Witch The Santa Clauses
Laura San Giacomo

The Christmas Witch known as La Befana is played by Laura San Giacomo. La Befana is a figure from Italian holiday folklore who - in the universe of The Santa Clauses - lives in Wobbly Woods and helped Scott and his family in Season 1.

Giacomo can also be seen in Sex, Lies, and Videotape, Pretty Woman, and Quigley Down Under

Tracy Morgan - The Easter Bunny

Tracy Morgan The Easter Bunny The Santa Clauses
Tracy Morgan

Making his The Santa Clauses Season 2 debut is Tracy Morgan as the Easter Bunny. The new character has only been glimpsed in trailers for the streaming series so far, but his presence hints at the further expansion of the Holiday-verse within the snow-capped TV show. 

Morgan is a renowned stand-up comedian best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and 2010's Cop Out

The Santa Clauses Season 2 kicks off its streaming run on Disney+ on Wednesday, November 8. 

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