Ryan Reynolds Wants Disney+ to Add Uncensored Versions of Deadpool Movies

By Richard Nebens Posted:
Deadpool Uncensored Disney+

Disney is in the midst of making some major updates to both its catalog of films and its slate of potential projects for the future. This has been boosted mightily by the monumental merger with 20th Century Fox, which formerly held all the rights to a number of major Marvel characters from franchises like the X-Men and Fantastic Four .

While fans wait for these highly anticipated new characters to join the fight alongside the Avengers, Disney is starting to slowly add past films in the franchise to their increasingly popular streaming service, Disney+. Just recently, one of the newer superhero films from Fox was added to the service in its completely uncensored version, and it led to a comical social media post from one of the franchise's biggest and most vocal stars.


In a new post on Instagram , X-Men star Hugh Jackman celebrated the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past on Disney+; the film, according to Jackman, is the very first to be available on the streaming platform completely uncensored. Jackman's post can be seen here:

Ryan Reynolds, the star of Deadpool and its sequel, could only express his hope that his own film would accomplish the same feat with this expectedly hilarious comment:

Ryan Reynolds continues again to show that he is basically Deadpool in real life by advocating for the release of his own Marvel solo movies on Disney+ alongside his friend Hugh Jackman's. This is undoubtedly going to be a challenge considering the language factor and the very mature nature of the R-rated movies.

While X-Men: Days of Future Past snuck in one F-bomb, Deadpool made sure to have exactly the kind of foul-mouthed feloniousness that made him such a lovable character in the comics. This led to the first solo film's F-bomb count coming to a grand total of 84, helping to make the movie one of the absolute funniest and most adult-oriented films in the entire comic book movie industry.

While Reynolds is most likely just trying to add his own unique humor to this news, his suggestion could be one that Disney takes seriously down the road. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe introducing mutants over the next few years, Deadpool is a character from that franchise that fans clearly want to see alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Adding his first two solo movies before he joins the fray would make a great deal of sense to help ease his transition from Fox to Disney.

Whether Reynolds gets his wish is currently up in the air, but there is undoubtedly support for his movement to get Deadpool on Disney+ in the future. Hopefully it will only be a matter of time before fans get to see that gorgeous red mask as an option to pick alongside the entire Marvel collection.

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