Here's Why Professor T Is Now In Prison in Season 3

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Professor T, Jasper Tempest

Professor T Season 3 raises the stakes as the titular lawyer is behind bars at the start of the new season (and fans know how uncomfortable his predicament is). 

Season 3 of the well-acclaimed British crime drama revolves around Ben Miller's Cambridge academic/intrepid lawyer, Jasper Tempest, as he becomes an unexpected adviser to the police. He helps them crack and dig deep into mysterious criminal activities. However, he needs to get out of prison first. 

Professor T's third Season premiered on ITV in the United Kingdom on March 27 and on PBS in the United States on June 16. 

Why Is Professor T In Prison in Season 3?

Ben Miller as Jasper in Professor T Season 3, Episode 1
Ben Miller

Professor T's Season 2 finale ended with a bang after an intense confrontation between Jasper (Ben Miller) and Christina's boyfriend, Simon (Alastair Mackenzie).

Having learned that Simon is a corrupt cop, Christina lures Simon into her office and pulls a gun on him. Simon then knocks the gun out of Christina's hand, but the Professor swoops in to save her by pulling a rifle and firing it at the ceiling before knocking Simon out with it. 

It was a martyr's decision for Jasper since Christina was the one who tried to kill Simon first, and he interrupted the confrontation and the rifle to save her. 

Instead of telling the truth about Christina's actions, Jasper chooses to remain silent rather than implicate her, leading to his jail time at the beginning of Season 3 under the charge of shooting an unlicensed fire arm in a police station. He did this because he believed Christina would lose everything if he told the truth.

Jasper's prison time is uncomfortable, knowing full well that he is an outspoken germaphobe; being in jail is a nightmare scenario. 

The Professor even tells the prison officers that he wants a standard care package for his cell, but the officers laugh it off. 

It is not an ideal situation for the professor, but the fact that he did it for his love for Christina makes it worthwhile (for now). 

How Did the Professor Adjust in Prison?

Ben Miller as Jasper in Professor T Season 3
Ben Miller

While Professor T initially found it difficult to adjust to prison, a pivotal moment allowed him to see the silver lining of his jail time. 

The Professor's cellmate is Omar (Chris Ryman), who is not violent enough to warrant being on the safe side for everyone's favorite lawyer. Still, not everyone is the titular lawyer's friend inside the joint. 

Kenny, Season 2's big bad, is in the same prison as the professor, and he wants nothing but revenge for being involved in his incarceration. 

Kenny tried to kill the Professor, but thankfully, Officer Burridge rescued him. 

Given that Jasper's life is threatened due to the other prisoners, Burridge asks him if he wants to transfer to another cell under the Vulnerable Prisoners' Unit, but he refuses. 

The Professor believes he can survive, pointing out that being in jail allows him to see things differently as a criminologist. 

Welcoming the change (albeit dangerous) is a huge growth for the professor, but admitting that he buckles under pressure may soon present problems for him as the season progresses.

Professor T Season 3 is streaming on the PBS app. 

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