Is Prey: No Man's Land Real or Fake? New Sequel Movie Speculation Explained

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A new movie poster for a rumored Predator sequel titled Prey: No Man's Land is making the rounds online, although many wonder whether the film is real or fake.

Deadline reported in February that a real Prey 2 was in early development. 

This would even potentially bring back the original film’s star, Amber Midthunder, to reprise her role, which has never happened in the Predator franchise before. Unlike what the poster suggests, the actual movie would not be set in World War II.

Deadline also shared that Prey director Dan Trachtenberg is working on a separate standalone movie referred to as Badlands, which is currently the priority for 20th Century Studios. 

That film is expected to shoot later this year, with Trachtenberg and executives already looking for talent to play the lead role. 

Is Prey: No Man's Land Real or Fake?

A poster has gone viral on social media (largely Facebook) teasing the upcoming release of a movie titled Prey: No Man's Land, indicating the development of a sequel to 2022's Prey.

The poster highlights the core alien villains from the Predator franchise in front of soldiers aiming to fire from behind trenches, seemingly teasing that the movie would be set during World War II.

Additionally, Trachtenberg is listed on the poster to return for the sequel, which is said to be preparing for a Hulu release.

Prey poster
Prey: No Man Land Poster

Unfortunately, this poster and this specific movie are both fake, although that does say there is no hope for a follow-up to Prey.

Currently, plot details are being kept under wraps on the real Prey 2, and nothing is known about the new movie's release strategy after Prey debuted exclusively on Hulu. 

Considering the studio is moving back towards theatrical releases with movies like Boogeyman and the upcoming Alien: Romulus, the Prey sequel could be lined up to come to theaters.

This is particularly the case after Prey became one of the most-streamed movies of 2022.

Prey is streaming now on Hulu.

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