Pedro Pascal Wants to Play a Marvel Superhero

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The Last of Us and Star Wars isn't enough for The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal, and it seems that the actor would happily switch out of the Beskar and trade Mandalore for the MCU

The Mandalorian launched Pascal into the stratosphere, and he has since become not just a household name but one of the most popular performers in the world. 

The show, created by showrunners Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, was phenomenally well-received, spawning an entirely new branch of Star Wars storytelling some have termed the MandoVerse.

Fans will be reunited with Din Djarin in March when the third season of The Mandalorian airs on Disney+. The actor already teased big things, including a Luke Skywalker-level reveal.

However, if Pascal has his way, Star Wars won't be the only Disney-owned franchise he appears in, and WW84 may have just been the beginning of his superhero-related roles.

Pedro Pascal Eyeing Marvel Debut?

In a new interview with Wired, Pedtro Pascal revealed his enthusiasm for a “traditional Marvel role.”

Pascal was asked if he would not have wanted an MCU role, including “cape and the CGI,” if he had been catapulted into “national consciousness” earlier.

Pascal confidently disagreed, saying that he “[does] want that” and that he would happily pick up a cape if it meant he could “be in movies.”

The interviewer then dived deeper into the issue, asking for Pascal's idea of "what it means to be a hero” in light of the “fairly tense political moment.”

In response to this more philosophical slant, Pascal emphasized how important it is to be kind and remember that “your neighbor is very likely to give you the shirt off their own back.”

"There’s so many ways to misunderstand people and to forget that, at the end of the day, your neighbor is very likely to give you the shirt off their own back."

Pascal discussed that it’s possible to be frightened by “how divided we all apparently are” and the crucial need to remember that everyone you meet is “sort of, in their own way, heroically kind.”

"But then you can go and look shit up and be terrified by how divided we all apparently are. To comfort myself, I just remember that everybody I come in contact with is sort of, in their own way, heroically kind."

The interviewer then termed him “the face of that new kind of hero,” a comment that Pascal found particularly “funny” given Mando’s faceless and masked nature:

"Oh my gosh. It’s funny when the phrasing 'the face of' comes up, because Mando is faceless. I haven’t thought about it in that way."

However, despite Pascal’s stardom, the actor is still as self-deprecating and down-to-earth as ever. The actor noted how odd it is to be “a part of something that I have been witness to growing up” and a “disconnect” when he tries to place himself in that world.

"I’m always struggling to imagine myself as being a part of something that I have been witness to growing up and watching. There’s a disconnect for me—I don’t know how to place myself in that world. Like, I just go a little blank."

What Could Pedro Pascal’s MCU Future Be?

Fans have long wanted Pedro Pascal to feature in the MCU, and as such, the internet has run rampant with speculation over just what character would fit the actor best. 

Some of the most popular characters include Gambit, an X-Men character who would fit right into the upcoming X-Men reboot

Gambit is an exploitative and suave character, and the Maxwell Lord actor would be an excellent choice for bringing Gambit to the big screen. This would, though, come with great sadness for Channing Tatum, who is eyeing up the role.

Beyond the X-Men, Moon Knight is another project Pascal could potentially debut. Fans will know that in real life, the Star Wars actor is best friends with Moon Knight lead Oscar Isaac, and this friendship could facilitate Pascal's own path to the Marvel universe.

Some have pointed out that he could play Frenchie, Marc Spector's best friend from the Moon Knight comics. The character is essential, and with Season 2 rumored to be on its way, he could be the right pick.

While it is unknown if Pascal will be making an MCU debut soon, fans can catch him on their screens soon when The Last of Us premieres on Sunday, January 15 on HBO Max, followed by The Mandalorian in March. 

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