Oppenheimer's Peacock Streaming Release Window Revealed

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Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer, Peacock movie and tv show tiles in background

After months of waiting, Oppenheimer fans finally know when to expect the hit 2023 blockbuster to make its long-awaited streaming release on Peacock.

Breaking records seemingly every week at the box office after debuting in theaters on July 21, Oppenheimer became one of 2023's biggest movies, ranking third worldwide monetarily behind Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

But after 2023 ended without an official streaming debut date for Christopher Nolan's epic, anxiety built as fans waited to find out when Oppenheimer would be widely available outside of the big screen experience.

Oppenheimer Finally Gets Streaming Update

Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

Bloomberg offered an update indicating Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer is set to make its streaming debut on Peacock soon.

According to this report, the 2023 biopic will begin streaming on Peacock sometime in February, although no other specifics were revealed regarding the official date.

This comes after Oppenheimer didn't show up on Peacock's list of streaming releases for January 2024 as it became one of the last big theatrical releases of 2023 to hit a streaming platform.

With a February release date, Oppenheimer will have waited at least 195 days between its theatrical release and its streaming release, and that number could rise to as high as 223 days should it not arrive until the end of the month.

It also breaks the record for the longest delay between those dates for a Universal movie, beating out The Super Mario Bros. Movie by at least 75 days.

Why Was Oppenheimer's Streaming Debut Delayed?

Although Oppenheimer had its online release date on November 21, 123 days after it hit theaters, fans couldn't help but notice how long it took for the biopic to begin streaming.

Part of that was likely due to how well Nolan's film performed in theaters amongst stiff competition, making over $950 million against a shockingly small budget of only $100 million.

Nolan is also known to favor the theatrical experience over streaming, with Universal (via Deadline) even going into overdrive to ensure that DVDs and Blu-rays of Oppenheimer were replenished in time to sell for the holiday season.

Considering this film is already one of the most beloved in film history (breaking a record on IMDb for the highest unweighted mean score ever), it only makes sense that Nolan would want to milk as much success as possible.

Oppenheimer is now playing in theaters and available to purchase via online retailers. It will reportedly begin streaming on Peacock sometime in February.

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