When Will Oppenheimer Start Streaming on Peacock in 2024?

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Christopher Nolan's latest blockbuster, Oppenheimer, dominated theaters throughout mid and late summer 2023, but its streaming run on Peacock won't begin until at least five months after its theatrical release. 

Nolan became one of 2023's biggest names thanks to his work on Oppenheimer, which became his third-highest-grossing movie ever and the third-biggest movie of 2023 at the box office behind Barbie and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

But with both of the aforementioned hits having now debuted on their respective streaming homes, Nolan's World War II biopic is the lone outlier still only available to view on the big screen.

Oppenheimer's Streaming Debut Not Coming Until 2024

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After Oppenheimer made its theatrical debut on July 14, 2023, the film still does not have an official update on when it will be available to stream on Peacock.

Peacock released its January 2024 slate of streaming projects, although that list did not include Christopher Nolan's 2023 blockbuster. However, Peacock has historically added movies to its monthly slate later that weren't previously slated.

After Oppenheimer was released digitally on November 21, the three-hour epic remains the most-purchased movie on both Amazon and iTunes more than a month later.

Universal is likely banking on this success as it potentially wouldn't have been the top-selling movie if it were already streaming on Peacock at the same time.

But for now, the most recent update from mid-December indicated that no timetable was in place for Oppenheimer to begin streaming.

When Will Oppenheimer Debut on Peacock?

While there's still a chance that Oppenheimer could come to Peacock sometime in January, the Nolan film likely won't quickly arrive in 2024.

Still, if that happens, Oppenheimer would almost certainly be set for arrival later in January or sometime in early February as of writing.

Universal may also be looking to time Oppenheimer's streaming debut date closer to when Oscar nominations are announced on January 23, with Nolan's film expected to garner plenty of consideration across multiple awards categories.

And considering the studio is still raking in plenty of money from digital sales nearly half a year after Oppenheimer hit theaters, the studio will use any method to earn as much financial success as possible from its biggest hit of 2023.

For now, Oppenheimer is still playing in theaters, and it does not have an official streaming release date.

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