When Will Oppenheimer Start Streaming? Peacock Reveals December 2023 Release Schedule Without Movie

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Cillian Murphy young in Oppenheimer

Peacock's December 2023 slate of new projects didn't include the summer hit Oppenheimer, leaving many to wonder when it will make its streaming debut.

Although Oppenheimer became available for online purchase on November 21 following its July 14 theatrical debut, its streaming plan continues to elude fans.

Oppenheimer Missing from Peacock's December 2023 Slate

Cillian Murphy in Oppenheimer

Peacock shared its December 2023 streaming schedule which omitted Oppenheimer the same way it did in November and October.

December 2023 releases include The Exorcist: Believer, both Ace Ventura movies, Jumanji, and Pitch Perfect, all of which first came to Peacock on December 1 with dozens of new movies and TV shows arriving before the year's end.

While Oppenheimer wasn't part of Peacock's initial December release slate, there's still a chance that it could hit the streaming service sometime this month, as the streamer doesn't always include its high-profile movies on its upcoming schedule if that film's release is set for later in the month.

The film already broke the record for the longest theatrical-to-streaming window for any Universal-distributed film, with 141 days now having passed since Oppenheimer first came to theaters in July.

Previously, that record was held by 2023's The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which had a 120-day theatrical-to-streaming window as it became the second-highest-grossing movie of the year at the global box office behind only Barbie.

When Will Oppenheimer Begin Streaming on Peacock?

Oppenheimer was a huge hit for director Christopher Nolan as it took third place in the global box office rankings for 2023, coming within striking distance of becoming the year's third billion-dollar earner.

Taking that into account, it's not shocking that Universal wanted to milk as much as it possibly could out of the film's box office potential, and it appears that the studio could be willing to push that release into next year.

The last update from the Peacock TV Care X page in late November revealed that no news was available on Oppenheimer hitting the streaming site, indicating that a January 2024 debut isn't out of the question.

However, Universal and Peacock are known to sometimes hold out on announcements for releases until the month they arrive, meaning that Oppenheimer may not be as far out as some are expecting.

The studio may opt for a 150-day timeframe between Oppenheimer's theatrical and streaming debuts, which would mean that the film would hit Peacock on December 18.

This would also be only three months ahead of the 2024 Academy Awards, and Universal will surely be hoping that a run of successful streaming run will help bolster the film's chances of succeeding on the awards circuit as well.

Oppenheimer is available for digital purchase online now.

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