Oppenheimer Gets Online Release Window (Official)

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Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer was finally given an official online release window.

Oppenheimer recently crossed $900 million at the worldwide box office, cementing itself as the second-highest-grossing R-rated film of all time only behind Joker.

When Nolan first negotiated a deal with Universal Pictures for Oppenheimer, he demanded that the movie be exclusively in theaters for some time between 90 and 120 days, leaving a lot of fans to wonder when the biopic would be available to purchase online.

When Will Oppenheimer Be Released Online?

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AP News officially shared that Oppenheimer will be available for digital purchase sometime in late November, but no specific date was given.

This confirmation came directly from the film's producer and Christopher Nolan's wife, Emma Thomas.

It is important to note that American Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 23, so a likely online release date for Oppenheimer would be Tuesday, November 21.

This would surpass the 120-day theater-exclusive window that Nolan requested for Oppenheimer and would allow people to buy the film to watch over the holiday weekend.

When Will Oppenheimer Come To Streaming?

Since Oppenheimer won't be available for online purchase until late November, fans can expect to wait even longer before it is added to a streaming service.

The film has been extremely successful so far at the global box office, so Universal will likely want to continue that trend when it comes out digitally.

If the movie were to be added to a streaming library sometime close to when it will be available to purchase online, the company probably wouldn't see as many buys as it could potentially get.

When Oppenheimer does come to streaming, it will first be available on Peacock.

Since Peacock doesn't require its subscribers to make any additional purchases to see newly released movies on the platform, fans would likely wait until it came out on the service instead of spending more money to watch it digitally.

Therefore, it is most likely to not be added to Peacock at least until sometime in late December, allowing the film to only be purchased online for around a month.

At the same time, releasing it on streaming near the end of December would create benefits of its own, seeing as how it would be close to Christmas.

Similar to how Universal will likely see an increase in buys when the movie is released close to Thanksgiving, it would also see a bump in first-week streaming numbers if it is added to Peacock around the holiday.

Oppenheimer is currently playing in theaters and will be available for online purchase sometime in late November.

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