One Piece: Sanji Actor Taz Skylar Reacts to Season 2 Announcement

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One Piece Taz Skylar

One Piece star Taz Skylar shared his excitement about the hit Netflix series being greenlit for a Season 2. 

Skylar's Sanji was one of the highlights of the live-action reimagining of Eiichiro Oda's beloved anime and manga, starring as the iconic Straw Hat chef. 

Following rave reviews and astounding viewership numbers, Netflix finally gave the go-ahead to showrunners Steve Maeda and Matt Owens for a second season, something the creatives already teased in the series' first batch of episodes

Since the Season 2 announcement, several cast members shared their enthusiasm for doing more within the famed pirating world. 

Sanji Actor Shares His One Piece Season 2 Excitement

Taz Skylar from One Piece

Following the announcement of One Piece Season 2 on Netflix, series actor Taz Skylar took to social media to celebrate the occasion.

Taz Skylar One Piece Season 2 Reaction Post Dancing

Posting on his personal Instagram stories, Skylar shared a previously-released video of him and series co-star Iñaki Godoy (who plays One Piece protagonist Luffy) jubilantly singing karaoke. 

Skylar's Story came accompanied by the caption, "When you get some good news," seemingly alluding to the fact that One Piece had been renewed. 

Taz Skylar and Inaki Godoy One Piece Season 2 Announcement

The Sanji star's Instagram post came shortly after the official announcement on September 14, along with other reactions from castmates Emily Rudd and Iñaki Godoy

The full video can be seen below:

Will Sanji Return in One Piece Season 2?

Judging from Taz Skylar's exultant post online, one would assume both he and his One Piece character will be back for Season 2 of the Netflix series. 

Looking at the source material, Sanji continues to be a valued part of the Going Merry crew long after the events of the Arlong Park arc, so he will surely be intrinsic to what is going to happen next

Something that will be new for the character heading into Season 2, however, will be the fact that he will be around for the whole season this time. 

In Season 1, Skylar's cool-as-a-cucumber chef only appeared in five total episodes, ranking last among his Straw Cat crewmates. 

By the end of the first batch of episodes, audiences were still very much just getting to know Sanji. Now, Season 2 will be an opportunity for fans to experience the character for a full season run of eight to ten episodes. 

And with "hopes for 12 seasons" of the live-action series from producers, surely there will be plenty more of Sanji and the whole One Piece cast beyond the upcoming Season 2. 

One Piece Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix, with production for Season 2 seemingly ready to start as soon as the ongoing Hollywood actors strike comes to an end. 

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