Jason Momoa's On the Roam Show Release Date Schedule of Episodes (Confirmed)

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Jason Momoa's new On the Roam docu-series recently premiered on the Max streaming service, and although there are still six episodes left, fans already know exactly when they will be released. 

Momoa is one of the most recognizable actors on the entire planet, so it wasn't surprising at all when a TV show featuring him traveling the United States of America was announced.

The show, which is currently airing exclusively on Max, released its first two episodes on January 18.

When Will the Rest of On the Roam Be Released?

The official press release for Jason Momoa's On the Roam docu-series detailed the exact date and time that each episode will be released.

The first two episodes were already released on the streaming platform, so there are still six episodes left.

Episodes 3 and 4 of On the Roam will be released on Max on Thursday, January 25 at 3:00 a.m. ET.

Two brand-new episodes are scheduled to be released every Thursday at exactly 3:00 a.m. ET until all eight episodes have aired. This means that the entire docu-series will come out across four weeks.

Here is the full release schedule for the remaining episodes of On the Roam, including the first two episodes that are already available to stream:

  • Episode 1: Thursday, January 18
  • Episode 2: Thursday, January 18
  • Episode 3: Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 4: Thursday, January 25
  • Episode 5: Thursday, February 1
  • Episode 6: Thursday, February 1
  • Episode 7: Thursday, February 8
  • Episode 8: Thursday, February 8

What Will the Remaining Episodes of On the Roam Be About?

In Episode 1 of On the Roam, former DCEU actor Jason Momoa explored vintage hill-climbing bikes from the early 1900s. In Episode 2, he was able to meet and travel with one of his heroes, a photographer by the name of Todd Hido.

At the beginning of Episode 1, fans can see what will come in the remaining episodes thanks to some shots of various activities Momoa will be participating in.

It is unclear which specific episode will feature each activity, but fans can expect woodworking and carpentry to be performed at some point.

Another small snippet of footage featured Momoa with world-famous guitarist Slash, so Momoa will likely meet up with him in a rock-and-roll-centric episode.

Bladesmithing, which is the art of making swords, knives, daggers, or other blades by use of a forge, was also present in the opening scene of Episode 1, which teased that Momoa will also try his hand at making some weapons in one of the episodes.

Fans can expect Momoa to go on many adventures in the coming weeks.

Episodes 1 and 2 of On the Roam are available to stream on Max, and two new episodes will be released every Thursday at 3:00 a.m. ET.

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