Ms. Marvel Star Reveals 3 MCU Crossovers She Wants In the Future

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Following May's release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Marvel Studios' next upcoming project comes in Ms. Marvel, beginning on June 8. The show will feature Iman Vellani as its star actress as she takes on her very first major Hollywood production, although she's already lined up for her first movie as well with next year's The Marvels.

Even with Ms. Marvel including nods and references to other MCU characters due to Kamala being a massive Avengers fangirl, this series should largely focus on her evolution as the franchise's newest young superhero. It's still a mystery if the show will include any tangible ties to other Marvel Studios heroes, but thankfully, Vellani's Ms. Marvel is set to lead directly into The Marvels more than a year from now.

That film will put her next to Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau, tying together three separate MCU projects as Kamala gets her first taste of how big the universe truly is. Now, with only a few more days until her Disney+ show debuts, Vellani looks ahead to other major players she could find herself fighting alongside over the coming years.

Ms. Marvel Star on Future MCU Crossovers

Ms. Marvel Avengers

Speaking with The Lowdown in the magazine's June 2022 issue, Ms. Marvel star Iman Vellani shared which characters she'd love to see Kamala Khan cross over with in upcoming MCU projects.

Vellani first mentioned the Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically for the idea of Kamala "(interacting) with aliens" for the first time and expanding her horizons past the human race. She also teased the idea of Kamala meeting "other young female heroes," noting Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop and Dominique Thorne's Ironheart as two primary examples:

“I think the Guardians will be fun because I’d love to see her interact with aliens. They also all have different personalities and when Kamala is on-screen with anyone, she brings out their joy and humour. Kate Bishop and Ironheart would be fun - other young female heroes. Ironheart is one of my favourite characters in the comics and I think she will do a great job in her show.”

Vellani also touched on the Muslim culture that will be highlighted in Ms. Marvel, noting how important it is that it's simply shown as being a part of Kamala's regular routine. This is just a character who includes her Muslim heritage in her schedule, but Vellani hopes that even this will help viewers find something to relate to in their own lives:

“We show that it’s the same thing as your schedule being like ‘wake up, school, basketball practice, home, sleep’. Kamala’s is the same but just so happens to include mass, Eid celebrations, etc. But this isn’t the singular experience of Muslims. There’s two billion in the world and we can’t represent every single one, but I do hope that people find some part of Kamala, her family or community to relate to.”

The actress addressed the change in Kamala's powers, which has led to vocal backlash from fans ahead of the show's June 8 premiere.

In the end, the only thing that matters to Vellani is that Kamala's core values stay consistent with what they are in the comics, expressing that, as far as she's concerned, "Ms. Marvel can shoot fireworks out of her hands." Comparing her character's "journey of self-discovery" to Tom Holland's Spider-Man, the Ms. Marvel star noted how the character herself is more important than the powers she uses:

"Some of these things like her powers have been reimagined to fit the direction the MCU is heading in and to suit a big live-action scale. But what’s important is that the core themes from the comics stay true in our show - that’s what matters to her character. For all I care Ms. Marvel can shoot fireworks out of her hands! As long as she goes on that journey of self-discovery, that’s what is important. Which is like with Spider-Man - Tony Stark tells him if you are nothing with the suit you shouldn’t have it. Were not invested because of the powers these superheroes have, we are invested because of their motivations, stories, and how they overcome their problems.”

Iman Vellani Ready to Meet MCU's Best

Having been a die-hard MCU fan long before she was cast as Kamala Khan, Iman Vellani is clearly ready to see what her heroine could do alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the galaxy's finest warriors.

Although the Guardians will likely only be on Earth for a short time in Phase 4, it's no wonder that Vellani would enjoy seeing her character learn about heroes that were only on her home planet for the massive battle against Thanos. Kamala even has a nickname already lined up for Vin Diesel's Groot, and with potential cosmic origins for her own powers, the chance to see that kind of team-up come to life certainly seems appealing to the newcomer.

While that team-up may be a bit out of reach, her other options in Kate Bishop and Ironheart could be more realistic goals over the next couple of years once they become more fully established. They're both two potential inclusions in the MCU's take on the Young Avengers, and while Ironheart's solo series is still some time away, three young women with incredible superpowers could truly be something the franchise brings to life when the time comes.

No matter what happens in the future, Vellani appears ready to give Marvel fans a genuine look into what a real teenager in the MCU looks like, albeit one who boasts incredible superpowers. Living a normal life is something that hasn't been seen from many Marvel characters before, but that's set to change in a big way with this new series.

Ms. Marvel will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 8. 

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