Marvel Confirms In-Universe Nicknames for MCU Captain Marvel & More Heroes

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Marvel Studios

Following Doctor Strange 2 and Moon Knight, Marvel Studios will take on one of the youngest new heroes in the entire franchise via Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel. Known first and foremost as the world's biggest Captain Marvel fangirl, this Disney+ series will provide insight into how a teenager works through a world that includes Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Ms. Marvel's first trailer gave fans a sense of how much Kamala idolizes the Avengers, from the fantasies in her head to the wardrobe she wears through the halls of her high school. Vellani even confirmed that the MCU version of Kamala will take direct influence from her comic counterpart by showing her skills as a fan-fic writer throughout the series.

Even as Kamala finds her own way as a superhero once she gets her hands on the bangles that give her powers, Captain Marvel and the rest of the Avengers are sure to play a big role in her character development. Now, ahead of the show's premiere on Disney+, new merchandise is teasing how kids in Kamala's age group see these larger-than-life beings.

Marvel Gives Avengers New Nicknames

Avengers, Ms Marvel

New officially-licensed merchandise for Marvel Studios' Ms. Marvel has provided a set of nicknames for the MCU's Avengers, which came through listings on Amazon.

The listing includes the true names of classic Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Widow. However, it also lists Groot as "Mr. Tree," Ant-Man as "Gigantic Dude," and Kamala's personal hero Captain Marvel as "Cosmic Avenger," indicating that everyday citizens within the Marvel Cinematic Universe refer to these heroes as such.

Additionally, it confirms the existence of AvengerCon in New Jersey, which will likely be a fan convention celebrating the world's foremost team of heroes.

Ms. Marvel Avengers Sweatshirt
Marvel Studios

Also listed on Amazon is a shirt featuring Mark Ruffalo's Hulk screaming out. He's surrounded in a purple design with a green hue in the background, and is seemingly ripped directly from a Thor: Ragnarok frame.

Hulk Smash, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

The convention includes a second Hulk-based shirt, one which simply says "Smash" five times on top of one another.

Smash Shirt, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth's Thor also gets his own memorial shirt that says "Bring the Thunder" with a lightning bolt on each side.

Bring the Thunder Shirt, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios


Mr. Tree, Gigantic Dude, & Cosmic Avenger

Although the Avengers are well known across the world, teenagers in this universe will naturally view them in their own ways, usually leading to them being immortalized as modern gods. Looking at this list of names given to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, only the original heroes have their true names listed thus far following their many battles to protect the planet.

Groot has only spent a couple of days total on the MCU's core planet, while Ant-Man had to take a two-year break after publicly turning giant at Leipzig-Halle Airport in Germany during the events of Captain America: Civil War. The same can be said about the newly proclaimed "Cosmic Avenger" in Captain Marvel, who has only spent a short amount of time on Earth after first having her origin story told in her first solo movie. 

These new shirts should only be the start of the Avengers' looming presence over Kamala Khan's first solo journey in the MCU. It's unlikely that any of them will make an appearance alongside Vellani, but with merchandise like this in and out of the story, their impact will be felt.

Ms. Marvel will begin streaming on Disney+ on June 8.

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