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Although the MCU is moving away from original Infinity Saga heroes like Captain America and Iron Man, Phase 4 has no lack of new power players that will lead the way for years to come. One of the newest coming in just a few weeks is Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel, who will see her first action on Disney+ as she gets her own MCU origin story.

With Kamala Khan proclaiming herself as the biggest Avengers super-fan in the world, there are sure to be plenty of references to the world’s mightiest heroes, most notably the young heroine's idol Captain Marvel. This should give the show plenty of opportunities to remind viewers of just how impactful the group was upon assembling in Phase 1, which comes on top of the in-universe tributes that have already come to commemorate their efforts.

Most recently, 2021’s Hawkeye took the biggest steps forward with Avengers-based tributes thanks to the highly-praised Rogers: The Musical, even considering Clint Barton’s indignation toward the performance in Episode 1. Kamala Khan's solo series is likely to highlight a whole host of Avengers memorabilia thanks to the inclusion of a superhero-themed convention, and it even seems that it will recognize that Broadway musical’s efforts.

Captain America Meets Ms. Marvel

Captain America Musical, Hawkeye

An Amazon listing shared a new promotional image from Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel, coming to Disney+ on June 8.

The image comes from the in-universe AvengerCon convention and shows a contained explosion with the phrase “I can do this all day” in bolded yellow lettering; the “o” in “do” also has a star in the middle of it. This references Steve Rogers’ iconic line from multiple MCU films along with the musical number of the same name that was shown in 2021’s Hawkeye.

I Can Do This All Day Shirt, Ms. Marvel
Marvel Studios


I Can Still Do This All Day

Rogers: The Musical became an instant hit upon its arrival in Episode 1 of Hawkeye, and the show even delivered a full version of the song as the post-credits scene in Episode 6. Disney+'s Ms. Marvel won't be the first post-Hawkeye project to acknowledge Rogers: The Musical, as Spider-Man: No Way Home featured a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter Egg of an in-universe advertisement for the musical. Set photos have indicated that next year's Secret Invasion Disney+ series will also feature at least one brief visual reference to Rogers: The Musical.

It seems only right that this phrase continues to be one that MCU civilians recognize as part of Captain America’s lasting legacy within the story, even with Sam Wilson now having taken over the shield and mantle. Whether Kamala actually gets this merch herself is a mystery, but it wouldn’t shock viewers to see her reference the line at some point during her solo series.

With other merch paying tribute to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor, Ms. Marvel will have the best opportunity of any MCU property yet to honor the universe’s heroes from a fan perspective. It’s only fitting that it comes in a story centered on as big of an Avengers fan as Kamala Khan, who will look up to them even more as she goes down her own superhero path.

Ms. Marvel will debut on Disney+ on June 8

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