Ms. Marvel Co-Creator Promises Lots of Easter Eggs In MCU Disney+ Show

By Matt Roembke Updated:
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With so many Marvel Studios projects either wrapping up or in the middle of production, fans everywhere are enjoying "Easter Egg Season." WandaVision has seen a plethora of Easter eggs hidden within Westview, but another highly-anticipated 2021 project may be set to raise that bar.

Kamala Khan has spent the better part of the past decade cementing herself as one of the most universally loved characters in the panels of Marvel Comics. That fan base got a taste of a living Ms. Marvel in the latest Avengers video game, and sometime later this year, viewers will finally get to see the ultimate Marvel fangirl turned superhero make her live-action debut in the upcoming Disney+ show Ms. Marvel.

And according to one of the character's co-creators, we are in for a string of Easter Eggs as far as Kamala's arms can stretch.


In a recent tweet, Kamala Khan co-creator G. Willow Wilson shared that not only has she gotten a sneak peek of the sets from Ms. Marvel , but that these sets are bound to please anyone who is a fan of Ms. Marvel in the comics.

Kamala Khan's whole story is centered around her extreme fandom for the heroes of the Marvel Universe. Willow Wilson ensures us that, much like in the books, these set pieces are sure to be filled with homages to those heroes, with "all of the sight gags and Easter eggs."


Kamala Khan is having somewhat of a moment over the past year or so. Within the comic book community, she has been a fan-favorite for nearly eight years, but between the Avengers game and her addition to Phase 4 of the MCU, she has started to make some noise with mainstream audiences.

One of, if not the most important aspects of this character is how relatable she is. At her core, Kamala is a fan of superheroes - just like everyone reading this article - who managed to gain her own powers and land her dream job. So it would only make sense that the MCU version of the Avengers superfan would surround herself with memorabilia and decorations celebrating Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

And as fans have learned over the past few days, these Marvel Disney+ shows being released one week at a time gives audiences plenty of time to find every single Easter egg there is. Challenge. Accepted.

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