Captain America Musical Tease Spotted on Disney+'s Secret Invasion Set (Photos)

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While Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion still doesn't have a release date for Marvel Studios, it continues to make headlines as one of the MCU's most anticipated streaming outings. The Disney+ show recently had its first round of photos via a set leak, which came to light at the turn of the new year. With Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn's Talos back together, the MCU is about to take its storytelling up a notch.

Much of the plot for Secret Invasion is still being kept under wraps, even though it features a team of A-list actors and characters coming together to bring the event to Disney+. From looks at Emilia Clarke looking suspicious to Nick Fury ordering a bite to eat, even shots of these characters going about their daily lives are enough to ramp up the hype train.

When Secret Invasion premieres sometime in the foreseeable future, fans will also be on the lookout for the MCU's next round of Easter eggs, which are a staple the MCU has used for 14 years. Now, in another round of leaked photos from the set, fans are getting a look at one Easter egg that's starting to make the rounds multiple times over.

Rogers: The Musical in Secret Invasion?

Liverpool Station
Liverpool Street Station

Twitter users @Roxmanoff and @phil_pott shared behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion in London, UK. Specifically, these shots we taken at the Liverpool Street Station in central London, which is now adorned with a poster for the MCU in-universe Broadway play Rogers: The Musical:


"I Could Do This All Daaaaaaay!"

Almost no new plot point has made more headlines in Phase 4 than Rogers: The Musical, and for good reason at that.

The hit show first came into play in the opening moments of Hawkeye as Clint Barton and his family sat in almost stunned disbelief, Clint turning off his hearing aid in the process. Fans then got a look at the full musical number "I Could Do This All Day" as the post-credits scene in Episode 6, which made waves by not adding anything particularly new to the overarching story.

During Hawkeye's run on Disney+, fans got another tease for the musical when its poster showed up in the opening scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home, adding to the MCU's interconnectivity. Now, it makes its third appearance in Phase 4 alone, which impressively comes on the other side of the planet from where it's been shown in the MCU thus far.

Most likely, Rogers: The Musical will make the same impact it did in the Spider-Man threequel, where it only appeared for a few seconds to confirm its continuing run in New York City. Regardless, it will now be the subject of yet another Easter egg hunt when the new Disney+ show hits the streaming sphere.

This leak also reinforces that the West End of London will actually be included as an in-show location rather than just being used for a set portraying another big city. How the United Kingdom plays a role in the plot is a mystery, but with Skrulls invading potentially all over the planet, London could be an ideal gathering spot with resources and supplies for the aliens.

Secret Invasion will likely debut on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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