Ms. Marvel Director Urges Studio to Release Deleted Scene (Exclusive)

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Marvel Studios just completed its 35th project and seventh Disney+ show with Iman Vellani's Ms. Marvel, whose sixth episode just premiered on the streaming network and completed Kamala Khan's origin story. After months of shooting and reshoots along with numerous criticisms that came online ahead of the show's debut, Ms. Marvel became another impressive success for the MCU's Phase 4 saga.

While the season finale brought some exciting new developments for the MCU's newest superhero, recent reports have teased some of the different directions Marvel was considering for the Ms. Marvel series.

The Episode 6 post-credits scene almost went full comic-accurate by having Kamala Khan actually turn into Carol Danvers, while concept art revealed the process that went into developing Kamala's cosmic superpowers. Now, thanks to an exclusive chat with two of the show's directors, there are some great deleted moments that will have fans curious to see what was left out.

Ms. Marvel Directors Tease Fun Deleted Moments

Ms. Marvel, Powers

In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Richard Nebens, Ms. Marvel directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah shared some of the deleted moments from the show that they want fans to see.

When asked about what scenes were deleted from the final cut, El Arbi shared that it was mostly the use of "visual ideas," including a couple of specific moments from either Episode 4 or Episode 5. He described it as "a nice visual transition between multiple sets," but because it wasn't used, he hopes to use the idea in a future MCU project if he gets the opportunity:

"Yeah, there was a lot of visuals. From the pilot, we had all these visual ideas and all that. We wanted to put more of that throughout the show. Some stuff was shot, some stuff was designed. But eventually, we felt we had to focus on the story, and that would sometimes block the flow of the show. There was one particular shot, I think it was Episode 4 or 5 that was really pretty cool. But I know, because it’s not in the show there, we can still use it in a movie, we will recreate it. It was a nice visual transition between multiple sets and all that, it was pretty cool."

Ms. Marvel Costume

Additionally, Fallah shared that there was originally another funny moment during Kamala's full Ms. Marvel costume reveal where she gets hit in the head with a basketball. This comes from kids playing on a nearby court, and even though it was cut, Fallah still sees it as a funny scene and is urging Marvel to release the clip to the public:

“Also, with her costume reveal, she comes for the first time in her costume, and she looks at this little kid, and she says, 'Whoa, you’re Ms. Marvel!’ And then, boom, [Kamala] gets a ball against her head, and she falls, and it’s one of the kids on the basketball courts who throws it. But that shot is really funny, we're going to ask and plead with Marvel to put it on YouTube someday.

Will Ms. Marvel Deleted Scenes Come to Light?

Deleted scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been a hot topic in recent weeks as Phase 4 continues to expand in 2022.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had a couple of potentially wild moments, including Baron Mordo's death at the Scarlet Witch's hand and the first official sighting of Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool.

Thor: Love and Thunder also has its own moments that didn't make it to the final cut of the film, including a scene with Jeff Goldblum's Grandmaster and Peter Dinklage's Eitri and another introducing Game of Thrones star Lena Headey.

For the MCU's Disney+ shows, deleted scenes are usually brought to life some time after the shows make their full run on the streaming network, such as the ones from Hawkeye featuring Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin. It's unclear if or when Ms. Marvel will get that same treatment, but if the show's moments are as good as what its directors have teased, fans are in for something truly fun and hilarious.

More than anything, this scene would have provided yet another entertaining moment with Kamala Khan in her full new supersuit, giving fans another memorable experience with an exciting new MCU costume. Thankfully, Ms. Marvel's first official set of threads is far from its last days on screen, as she's already set for a bright future in The Marvels and in other movies and TV shows later down the road.

All six episodes of Ms. Marvel are streaming on Disney+.

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