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Hawkeye Season 1 has come to a close, and there has been no word as to if the series will continue with a second outing. The bow-wielding streaming series introduced the world to future MCU stalwart Kate Bishop (portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld), while also serving as a way of honoring Jeremy Renner's OG Avenger Clint Barton. Throughout the project's six episodes, fans came across both new and returning faces, including Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin. 

D'Onofrio returning to the role of Wilson Fisk was a big deal, as it meant yet another of the Netflix Marvel characters has made the jump into the MCU proper. Fisk served as the main antagonist in Netflix's Daredevil series, as the big guy butted heads with Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock

Now, despite Kingpin only appearing in the last couple episodes of Hawkeye, his shadow loomed large over the series as he worked behind the scenes of the Tracksuit Mafia. This small on-screen presence may not have always been the plan though, as a recently revealed deleted scene from the show hints at what could have been more from Marvel's big bad baldie.

Kingpin Sits Down For Dinner

Kingpin and Eleanor Bishop deleted scene

A new deleted scene from Hawkeye surfaced online, featuring Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk and Vera Farmiga's Eleanor Bishop. 

The scene titled "Kingpin & Eleanor" seems to be a cut flashback from Episode 5 of the MCU Disney+ series and sees Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Fisk sitting down at a large table for what feels like a first conversation amongst the two. The moment clearly takes place just after Eleanor's husband, Derek, has passed after 2012's Battle of New York. 

Fisk acknowledges the death of Mr. Bishop from the Avengers-involved catastrophe by offering "[his] condolences to [Eleanor] and [her] daughter," before getting down to the "mess" Eleanor's husband has made and the fact that she is now responsible for "[cleaning] it up."

See the full scene below:


A Little Face Time Between Wilson and Eleanor

There is not much to glean from this small deleted scene; however, it is incredibly cool to get this sort of added context. In Hawkeye-proper, audiences don't really ever get a full explanation as to what Eleanor's motives were in going to the Kingpin of New York crime. The debt of Mr. Bishop was mentioned on multiple occasions, but it was more in passing than a full layout of the situation. 

This gave fans exactly that. While the specifics are a little hairy, it does reveal that Eleanor went to Fisk shortly after the death of her husband. This means the two were in cahoots for quite some time before viewers ever saw them on screen at the end of Hawkeye's fifth episode. This was not something that came together mere months before the events of the show; this was a working relationship that had been years in the making it seems. 

While in the final cut of the Disney+ series fans were finally clued into the inclusion of Kingpin by way of a grainy cell phone photo, this scene makes it feel like there was a much greater introduction for the character originally planned. This scene was supposed to be included in Hawkeye's penultimate episode, but where exactly in that episode it would have fitted is still unclear. 

Would it have made sense for this to have finished off the episode after Kate realizes that her mother is in cahoots with the biggest baddie in the big apple? Probably not. So, could this have been the initial plan for his introduction to the show? 

In another timeline, maybe there is a reality where audiences never got that grainy cell photo and this is how they were clued in to the idea of Eleanor Bishop and Wilson Fisk working together. But would that have meant Kate would have gone to her mother and had this revealed to her before transitioning to the flashback? Who knows! 

What is for certain though is that what the MCU faithful got in Hawkeye was a thrilling holiday-themed ride that can be streamed in its entirety now on Disney+.

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