Hawkeye's Deleted Plot Twist Teases Potential Season 2 Plan

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Hawkeye introduced a brand new chapter to Clint Barton's post-Infinity Saga adventure while showcasing the debut of the bow-wielding Avenger's predecessor, Kate Bishop. While the dynamic between Clint and Kate was pushed to the forefront through six episodes, the Disney+ series also served as the heroic transition of Hailee Steinfeld's Marvel hero

Hawkeye didn't waste time in introducing Kate to MCU fans during its first episode. In the show's debut, fans learned about Kate's family background immediately, which introduced Vera Farmiga's Eleanor and Brian D’Arcy James' Derek Bishop. 

Unfortunately, Kate's father died offscreen during the Battle of New York, with a funeral that ultimately cemented his fate. The character was not seen again, even in flashbacks, after the first episode, thus implying that there were no other plans for Derek Bishop. 

However, a new rumor suggests that there were major plans for Kate Bishop's father after all in early production for Hawkeye.

Scrapped Plans for Kate Bishop's Dad Revealed

Lizzie Hill of The Cosmic Circus revealed the early plan for Kate Bishop's father, Derek, that was scrapped for Hawkeye's season finale. 

In the initial plan, Derek was supposed to come out of hiding to reveal to Kate that he is actually alive. This didn't come to be, however, as the character only appeared in the opening scene of Episode 1.

Brian D’Arcy James as Derek Bishop, Hawkeye
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What's Next for Kate Bishop's Dad?

While the series includes a lot of twists and turns, Hawkeye clearly revolves around the concept of family. This latest rumor implies that the early plans for Derek Bishop were initially scrapped during pre-production, meaning that the scene of him being alive wasn't even filmed during shooting. 

Still, it would've held more emotional weight for Kate to see her father alive after the tragic events of the Battle of New York. In the first episode, the father-daughter pair had a strong bond, and Hawkeye would've benefited if the dynamic had expanded in future installments.

It's noteworthy that Hawkeye didn't include any more flashbacks that featured Kate's bond with her father, Derek. While it's clear that the relationship between Kate and Eleanor was a major plot point, seeing the difference between Kate's relationships with her dad and her mom would've served as a point of comparison for fans. 

In Marvel Comics, Derek Bishop has a much more significant role in Kate's life, having served as a member of the Masters of Evil West Coast. He's also seen as a businessman with ties to the criminal underworld.

Kingpin, Hawkeye
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If the original plans for Derek in the MCU were pushed through, the character would have a similar storyline with Eleanor. It could also have leaned towards setting up an alliance with Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, which is similar to the route that Eleanor took. 

It's possible that this scrapped plot point involving Derek could be explored in a potential second season for Hawkeye. It could set up Derek to serve as an ally for Kate and Clint rather than a villain, thus taking over Bishop Securities and helping the pair obtain more resources for their heroic endeavors. 

If Marvel decides to stick with the character's ties to the Masters of Evil, Derek could serve as the Nick Fury-type individual who assembles the villains to spell trouble with some of the MCU's heroes. A potential project that could explore this storyline is the long-rumored Young Avengers. 

A showdown pitting Derek's team of villains and Kate's group of young heroes would hold more emotional weight due to the father-daughter connection.

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+. 

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