Hawkeye Deleted Scene Shows More of Avengers Tower & Kate's Dad

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Marvel Studios finished off its 2021 slate on Disney+ with Jeremy Renner's original Avenger in Hawkeye, which debuted to plenty of success. After kicking off its story with a flashback to Avengers Tower during the Battle of New York, the action only continued to pick up for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop with every twist and turn throughout its six episodes.

On top of giving Clint Barton his long-awaited first solo story, Hawkeye set the stage for Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop to start her path as a key player in the MCU's future. Her origin story came during one of Barton's first true battles alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes, all leading to Kate taking on the biggest challenges of her life and learning what it means to really be an Avenger.

Part of Kate's origin story that made an impact with fans right from the start was her family dynamic, which changed for good with the presumed death of her father, Derek, during the Battle of New York. Now, weeks after Hawkeye's sixth episode ended its run on Disney+, fans are getting a new look at that opening moment that would have 

Hawkeye Deleted Scene - More Avengers Tower

Marvel released a deleted scene from Hawkeye that showed another flashback moment for Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop. This scene is entitled "Follow the Trail," and it was released in the "Extras" section of Hawkeye's page on Disney+

The scene starts off with a look at Stark Tower (in its pre-Avengers Tower state) right before taking damage during the Battle of New York.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 1

Also included is a 2012 title card as the camera fades back into the window of Kate's house. The same title card popped up in the final cut of Hawkeye, which focused more on the action of the Avengers' battle against the chitauri.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 2

Actress Clara Stack comes into frame as the younger Kate Bishop, laying out toys and clues for a game she's playing in her apartment.

This comes before her father, Derek, enters the scene by getting off the elevator and finding a piece of paper on the table in front of him, laughing as he realizes it's from Kate. The note reads "Daddy: Follow trail" before he goes around the room looking for her.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 3

Derek walks into Kate's room looking for her before finding another note that reads “I had to go to the Himalayas.” His young daughter jumps onto his back as the two burst out into laughter, clearly having the time of their lives being together.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 4

Derek points out a minor injury on Kate's jaw, which she says she got from a "huge scooter jump over a subway grate" as Derek gives her props.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 5

As Kate takes in the fun of her dad's "business trip," her mom Eleanor comes in to ask about the "business" part of the trip, taking a more serious stance on the matter. Derek continues reminiscing on the fun of it by bringing it back to the zip-lining run he took, which he and Kate bond over in a big way.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 6

In the final cut of Episode 1, the action picks up right from when the Chitauri are attacking New York. Fans see some of the relationship Kate has with her parents, although it ends with Derek seemingly dying and Eleanor trying to protect her daughter by any means necessary as Kate gets her superhero inspiration from Hawkeye.

Hawkeye Opening Scene


Kate and her Dad's Family Bond Coming Through

Even though he didn't have a ton of screen time, Kate Bishop's dad played a huge role in her growth both as a person and as a superhero. Learning how to shoot a bow & arrow after his death in order to become something of an Avenger herself, Hawkeye made it unmistakable how close Kate was with her father.

While it's unclear what the future holds for Derek Bishop, Marvel had, at one point, planned to feature a scene in the show revealing that he survived the Battle of New York. This deleted scene seems like one that would have set up that moment in a more concrete way, although the door is still open for Kate's future stories to explore that idea.

Regardless of what happens, this scene is one that solidifies how much love Kate and Derek Bishop have for each other, which makes his death from Episode 1 that much more painful. He will undoubtedly make a big impact on the rest of her MCU tenure as she takes on more responsibilities as a hero in future projects.

All six episodes of Hawkeye are available to stream on Disney+

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