Hawkeye Deleted Scene Shows Clint Barton as a Young Boy (Photo)

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Marvel Studios finished off its biggest year of content to date in 2021 with Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, which finally gave Clint Barton his first MCU solo project after a decade of service in supporting roles throughout the Infinity Saga. Exploring everything from Barton's days as Ronin to his new relationship with Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop, the series gave fans the most in-depth look yet at the OG Avenger.

With a few weeks having passed since Hawkeye's thrilling final episode premiered on Disney+, fans are now waiting to find out more details on how Disney and Marvel brought Clint's first solo project together for Phase 4. Unfortunately, part of that look will be delayed, with the Marvel Studios: Assembled episode centered on this show now not streaming on Disney+ until early February.

Along with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with Renner and the rest of the cast, interest is building to see the scenes and moments that didn't make the final cut in any of Hawkeye's six episodes. Some of that information leaked online recently, with one of the deleted scenes giving a never-before-seen look at the titular hero's early life.

Hawkeye's Deleted Scene Featuring Young Clint Barton

Disney+ Hotstar has uploaded previously unseen deleted scenes from Marvel Studios' Hawkeye. While the full clips have yet to hit the web, Reddit user u/anilsoi11 posted a screenshot of one of these deleted scenes which had focused on Clint Barton's childhood.

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 1

A young Clint Barton is seen walking alongside his mother Edith in a carnival-esque setting as the latter looks through her wallet for some money:

Hawkeye Deleted Scene 2


Flashback to Clint Barton's Early Life

The opening moments of Hawkeye's first episode featured a look at a young Kate Bishop as she watched Clint Barton fight with the Avengers against the Chitauri in the Battle of New York. While this helped give fans insight into what to expect from the MCU newcomer in her first Marvel project, there still hasn't been anything similar to this moment in the franchise for Jeremy Renner's tenured hero.

It's unclear where this specific moment would have fit into the series, but it would have been the first time that the MCU had ever provided a glimpse into Barton's life before he became a SHIELD agent. This would also have put a face to his mother, Edith, who was mentioned on Vormir when Clint and Natasha Romanoff searched for the Soul Stone in 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

Hawkeye did have its fair share of flashbacks for Barton, with scenes showing some of his time as Ronin and the aforementioned scene in The Avengers. However, these moments and every other part of Hawkeye's on-screen story have only focused on the master archer as a fully-grown adult with a family of his own to take care of as he lives through his superhero days.

Leaked photos from nearly a year ago teased that this scene featuring Clint's childhood was filmed, although it's unknown right now why the moment was left on the cutting room floor. Whether the scene comes to Disney+ at some point in the future is a mystery, although the hope is that fans everywhere will get to see that glimpse into the child that would later become an Avenger.

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now available to stream on Disney+. Its accompanying episode of Marvel Studios: Assembled will arrive on Feburary 9.

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