Disney+ Delays Marvel Studios' Hawkeye Special

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Hawkeye Disney Plus special

Marvel Studios concluded its biggest year of content releases in franchise history with Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye, the last of five MCU Disney+ shows to premiere in 2021. With Disney having expanded the Marvel narrative in more ways than ever before through magic, mystical martial arts, and the Multiverse, Clint Barton's first solo project came as a change of pace by focusing on the Avengers' most grounded team member.

Now that Marvel has broken ground in Disney+ storytelling, the studio has a golden opportunity to give fans a deep look inside each MCU project from Phase 4 and show off how everything came to life on the big and small screens. This comes through the Marvel Studios: Assembled series, which provides anywhere from 40 to 70 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, interviews, and in-depth analysis of production on each new show and movie.

Thus far, the first six MCU entries of 2021 have received an episode of Assembled, and it's been confirmed that Hawkeye will get the same treatment before too long. However, with Renner's show having ended before the calendar turned to 2022, fans have been wondering when that new episode will premiere.

Recently, news confirmed when the new Assembled episode will make its streaming debut, although it means more waiting for the MCU fandom.

Delays Come for Hawkeye's Assembled Episode

Hawkeye Kingpin

As confirmed by Disney, Marvel Studios: Assembled - The Making of Hawkeye will now premiere on Wednesday, February 9 instead of its previously slated date of January 19. The studio also confirmed that the Assembled episode for Marvel Studios' Eternals will begin streaming one week later on February 16.

Marvel Fans Still Waiting for Hawkeye BTS Footage

Hawkeye will certainly have its fair share of exciting extra footage and interviews with cast members, particularly with the series introducing so many key players into the MCU through Phase 4. With Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop on one side and the other featuring Alaqua Cox's Echo and Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin, interest is building quickly to see how all of Hawkeye's big mysteries came together on Disney+.

Unfortunately, this news means that fans will have to endure a few more weeks of waiting for the newest Assembled episode, likely due to Disney and Marvel having so much other content taking the spotlight.

Spider-Man: No Way Home continues to make its record-breaking run in theaters, while Disney+ hosts the streaming debut for Eternals, which is already breaking viewership records in its opening days. Lucasfilm also has The Book of Boba Fett streaming for the next four weeks, including the final episode coming the same day as Hawkeye's Assembled entry.

Even with the delayed debut, MCU diehards don't have too much longer until Disney+ highlights Marvel Studios' latest streaming effort. This will also help with the wait for Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight, which begins streaming on March 30, kickstarting the MCU's revamped efforts with exciting storytelling in 2022.

Marvel Studios: Assembled - The Making of Hawkeye will begin streaming on Disney+ on February 9.

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