Miller's Girl Online Release Date Revealed: When Will It Start Streaming?

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Jenna Ortega in Miller's Girl

Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega's new 2024 movie Miller's Girl has its sights set on its upcoming online release date before it eventually begins streaming.

Freeman and Ortega portray a student and teacher who begin a complicated and inappropriate relationship with one another, with the film having hit theaters on January 26 under producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Controversy surrounds Miller's Girl due to Freeman's involvement after viewers saw a string of shocking comments from him in interviews, although the film has high hopes of becoming a theatrical hit.

When Will Miller's Girl Be Available to Buy Online?

Martin Freeman in Miller's Girl
Miller's Girl

When To Stream shared on X (formerly Twitter) the online release date for Lionsgate's Miller's Girl is soon.

The new movie will be available for purchase on online marketplaces like Google, Apple, and Amazon starting on Friday, February 16, marking a 21-day theatrical-to-digital release window.

This matches the 21-day theatrical-to-digital window seen from 2023's Saw X, which hit theaters on September 29 before becoming available for purchase on October 20.

Expendables 4 matched Saw X's timeframe, only 21 days after hitting theaters on September 22 before it hit digital marketplaces on October 13.

Coming with a slightly longer timeframe was November 16's The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which waited 32 days before it became available for purchase on December 19.

When Will Miller's Girl Begin Streaming?

Via The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Lionsgate made a deal with NBCUniversal in 2022 to bring its movies to Peacock starting in 2024 - a deal that could include Miller's Girl.

Currently, the studio's Pay One and Pay Two windows have movies going to Starz and then Peacock after 18 months, although this might mean the new movie is some time away from hitting the Peacock service.

For example, John Wick: Chapter 4 did not hit Starz until September 15, 2023. After initially hitting theaters on March 24 and digital marketplaces on May 23, this marked 175 days for the sequel to begin its streaming run after debuting on the big screen.

Abby Ryder Fortson's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret faced a similarly long digital-to-streaming timeframe, first arriving in theaters on April 28. Although it only took 39 days to hit its online release date on June 6, it was not available to watch on Starz until October 11, 166 days after its big screen arrival.

While Miller's Girl does not have its online release date officially set yet, that should come sometime within the next month or two, likely setting it up for online purchase sometime in February or March.

But taking the previous movies' 166 and 175-day waiting periods for streaming debuts into account, Martin Freeman and Jenna Ortega's new movie almost certainly will not be streaming until later in 2024.

If they come close to these previous numbers, the best bet would be sometime in June or July, although fans will wait for official confirmation of that information.

Miller's Girl is now playing in theaters, and its online release date will come on Friday, February 16.

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