MCU: Alison Brie Fantasizes About Playing ‘Great’ Marvel Supervillain

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With Marvel Studios inching closer to the end of the MCU's Phase 4 and the start of Phase 5, there are an increasing number of superhero and supervillain roles that need to be filled.

Included in the mix of potentials over the last couple of years has been Alison Brie, who was part of discussions surrounding She-Hulk: Attorney at Law for some time before its release. Reports had indicated that Marvel was looking for somebody similar to her for the leading role, something of an "Alison Brie-type," although Tatiana Maslany wound up taking the responsibility of playing Jennifer Walters.

During the development for that show, Brie openly admitted that those rumors came across as "funny" to her, mostly being shocked that people were still talking about it. But despite those rumors not being true, she's been somewhat tied to the MCU for a while, being on the short list to play Sharon Carter and still being open to joining the franchise at some point with the right opportunity.

And on top of this, she even has an idea of what kind of role she wants to play within the expansive MCU.

Alison Brie Eyes MCU Supervillain Role

Alison Brie

Speaking with ComicBook, actor Alison Brie discussed whether she had her heart set on any upcoming roles in the MCU that she would want to play.

While Brie admitted that she doesn't have anybody specifically in mind, she has a fantasy of getting the chance "to play a great Marvel villain," asking fans to send her some ideas for villains to play:

“Nothing specifically that I have set my sights on, no, and I think that would be a mistake, because clearly you can’t really dictate. Marvel’s going to do their thing, as they should. I think there’s a fantasy deep in my mind that one day I would get to play a great Marvel villain, but I don’t know which one that would be. People, fans, send me some ideas so I can start the campaign.”

Who Could Alison Brie Play in the MCU?

While its unclear how much Alison Brie was looked at for She-Hulk, she appears to be ready for her MCU moment with the Multiverse Saga rapidly expanding over the next few years.

Going off of her supervillain comment, Marvel continues bringing top names aboard to play the MCU's supervillains, including Kathryn Hahn's antagonistic Agatha Harkness and Jonathan Majors' Kang the Conqueror. But who exactly she could play is still much more of a mystery, especially with both big screen movies and Disney+ series available as routes for Brie.

Perhaps she could play a character like Madame Hydra or Viper, as an opponent for the MCU's new Captain America. Also a possibility is playing a mutant villain, when the MCU finally gets around to it.

Brie's spin on Mystique could make for a fun twist, or the actress could even take on the role of Emma Frost. Of course, Marvel Studios could always try their hand, and hopefully succeed, at the third on-screen depiction of the Dark Phoenix saga, enabling Brie to portray a new version of Jean Gray.

At this point in time, it seems unlikely that Brie has officially spoken with Marvel Studios in some time, although that could certainly change with more than a dozen confirmed new projects coming in Phase 5 and Phase 6. Whether she plays a more grounded villain or a cosmic big bad, it's clear that she has ideas about how she wants to join the story, and hopefully, she'll have the opportunity sooner rather than later.

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