MCU: New Update Casts Doubt on Sadie Sink's Rumored Marvel Role

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Sadie Sink, Avengers, Marvel

After reports emerged that actress Sadie Sink would be joining the MCU as Songbird in Thunderbolts, new information seems to cast some doubt over that prospect. 

Sink, who fans may know as Max from Netflix's Stranger Things series, has had her name in a couple of Marvel Studios rumors at this point, with Songbird being the latest thrown into the public eye. Allegedly, Marvel Studios was eyeing her to play the supersonic sound-emitting antihero.

The young actress has also been mentioned in the conversation for the MCU's take on the X-Men world, with the word being she had been considered for Jean grey in the mutant franchise. However, Sink has since come out and said those rumors are "not true."

But this latest Thunderbolts report seemed pretty solid - that was, until now.

No Sadie Sink in Thunderbolts

Sadie Sink, Marvel, Avengers

A new look at Sadie Sink's upcoming schedule has cast some doubt on the potential that the young actress will appear in Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts as Marvel hero Songbird. 

According to Deadline, Sink's next project is O'dessa, Geremy Jasper's rock opera, which is set to start filming this May in Croatia. 

After the Fox Searchlight film Sink will jump almost immediately into the final season of Stranger Things, meaning she will likely have little time for an MCU-scale production. 

On the subject of Sink potentially joining Thunderbolts, insider Grace Randolph had this to say:

"I heard she's not in the movie. I heard there's no Songbird and if Zemo's in it, it's very briefly."

Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse, shared similar sentiments on Twitter, noting that he "[doesn't] put much stock into" the rumor the Sink/Songbird rumor "at the moment." He directly referenced Sink's O'dessa casting, saying "Looks like it may be extra tough for Sink to join Thunderbolts," as the Marvel film is supposed to begin shooting in June.

Of course, if Sink were to take on the MCU role, she would not be the only person dividing her time between a Marvel Studios project and the Netflix sci-fi hit. 

David Harbour confirmed last year that he would be doing both Stranger Things Season 5 and Thunderbolts simultaneously this summer, as both productions will film in Atlanta. And that also goes for Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy, who will be balancing directing duties on both the Ryan Reynolds-led threequel and Stranger Things at the same time.

Will Sadie Sink Appear in Thunderbolts?

While Sink's O'dessa casting does cast some doubt on the prospect of her appearing in Thunderbolts, it does not 100% count it out. 

Just like Harbour and Levy, the young star could try and do both Stranger Things and Thunderbolts at the same time; however, the idea of the 20-year-old shooting three projects in one summer does seem unlikely. 

This does not mean fans will never see the young actress in the MCU, or as Songbird for that matter, it just means that it will probably not be in Thunderbolts

And if she doesn't end up donning the wings as the MCU's Melissa Gold, then there is still the possibility that she portrays Marvel Studios' Jean Grey, a role many fans have been clamoring to see the young star in. 

Sadie Sink or not, Thunderbolts will hit theaters on July 26, 2024.

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