Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink Breaks Silence on Marvel Casting Rumors

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Sadie Sink Stranger Things Marvel MCU

Stanger Things star Sadie Sink commented on recent rumors suggesting she has been cast in the MCU, offering her take on the rampant fan casting she finds herself attached. 

It is easy to get caught up in the MCU rumor machine, and that is where Sink finds herself currently. The young actress has been rumored to be a part of Marvel Studios' X-Men plans, with the part of Jean Grey being thrown around in relation to her name. 

But Marvel Studios itself or the Stranger Things actor have yet to address these rumors, like so many other actors have.

Now, Sink has taken the MCU rumor mill by the horns, offering up her take on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sadie Sink Speaks Out on MCU Rumors

Sadie Sink Stranger Things
Stranger Things

In an interview with Extra's Katie Krause, Stranger Things star Sadie Sink addressed rumors suggesting the young actress is joining the MCU in an undisclosed role. 

When asked if she had seen the rumors, Sink told Krause, "I am denying these rumors. It’s not true.” Krause followed this up with a simple, "Are you sure?" To which Sink replied, "I’ve seen the rumors. I don’t know where they came from, but as of now they are not true:”

Sink: “Oh, I saw this! I am denying these rumors. It’s not true.”

Krause: “It’s not true? Are you sure?”

Sink: “No! I’ve seen the rumors. I don’t know where they came from, but as of now they are not true.”

The conversation then turned to if Sink would be interested in joining a franchise like the MCU. The actress said that "who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?” before remarking that she doesn't really have her eye on any hero in particular, noting that "[she doesn't] know enough about it to know what superheroes are available at the moment:"

Krause: “Okay, would you want to join the MCU if the opportunity presented itself? I mean there’s fan art and you look pretty good in the MCU.”

Sink: “Oh okay, I need to look at this fan art. Yeah, if the right superhero comes along then sure. Who wouldn’t want to play a superhero?”

Krause: “Do you have your eye on a specific superhero?”

Sink: “I mean I don’t know enough about it to know what superheroes are available at the moment. Like, how many do we have left? I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out though.”

This comes after a report from Giant Freakin Robot that Sink had joined the MCU, with the outlet pontificating she would play Songbird, an anti-hero seen in many iterations of the Thunderbolts. 

It hasn't happened yet, but it only feels like a matter of time before one of the Stranger Things core cast of kids makes their way into a super-powered franchise. Sadie's co-star and on-screen love interest Caleb McLaughlin lamented in the past that he would love to join either the MCU or DCU. 

McLaughlin recently told fans at Heroes Comic-Con in Brussels that "he "[wants] to do a superhero film," singling out Static Shock as the hero he would most like to play. The actor also addressed fans demanding he play the MCU's Miles Morales, telling the crowd, "[I] would definitely be up for it."

Will Sadie Sink Join the MCU?

Sadie Sink may disappoint some fans with these answers about her potential role in the MCU, but she was diplomatic about the whole situation. If she's playing coy, she is doing it well (unlike some actors in the Marvel rumor machine). She could be serious and really have no connection to anything Marvel related at this point, or she could be hiding something that is not ready to be revealed. 

The key phrase here is "as of now, [the rumors] are not true." This answer gives enough wiggle room that, if it were to be announced Sink has been brought in by Marvel Studios, audiences could not throw this back in her face. But it also could just be an honest answer.

Many would agree that Sink would be an excellent addition to the MCU. In their report, Giant Freakin Robot points to Songbird as a potential character the actress could play. The one hero that fans keep coming back to though is Jean Grey. 

Pretty soon, Marvel Studios is going to need a group of fresh faces to join the franchise as Marvel's marvelous Mutant team. Sink would be near-perfect casting if she were to be brought in for Jean as a part of this initiative. 

Right now, it remains unknown if Sadie Sink will join the MCU. She can be seen though in Netflix's Stranger Things, which is streaming now. 

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