MCU: Bryce Dallas Howard Reacts to Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

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As exciting as Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was, Stephen Strange wasn’t the most talked about part of the adventure. That honor went to the fan-favorite casting of John Krasinski as Reed Richards. The world has been waiting for the introduction of Marvel’s first family ever since Disney acquired Fox Studios.

Not long after Mr. Fantastic’s debut, rumors started to swirl about who might be playing the rest of the iconic group. One of the main names that came up was Bryce Dallas Howard, a star of the Jurassic World films and director of multiple episodes of The Mandalorian.

The rumor in question was from 4chan, so it’s nowhere near trustworthy. Still, those whispers continued to pick up steam.

At a fan event, the star was asked to sign a Funko Pop! for Sue Storm, which gave her the perfect opportunity to comment on the possibility of her joining the MCU.

Bryce Dallas Howard Reacts to Rumors?

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A TikTok taken at a Jurassic World Dominion press event in Mexico City showed social media influencer Andrés Navy handing Bryce Dallas Howard a Fantastic Four Funko Pop! of Sue Storm for her to sign, in reference to how she has been rumored to be cast in the upcoming reboot.

In response, she laughed and mentioned how those casting rumors of her as Invisible Woman “[don’t] involve [her] or anything” and that they are “total rumors:”

“Oh my God! [laughs] I don’t think it’s happening—I mean, I know [this doesn’t] involve me or anything. I swear to God, I swear to God. Yeah, yeah, for real. Total rumors. Total rumors, but you know, yeah... Thank you, but I'll sign the [Funko] just for fun...”

You can see the entire video below:


Is Bryce Dallas Howard Lying?

Spider-Man: No Way Home has certainly shattered the ability of fans to trust actors whenever they deny something. Everyone has Andrew Garfield to blame for that one.

Garfield is now infamous for claiming how he was not involved in Tom Holland’s next Marvel film. He kept his foot firmly planted for nearly a year, yet everyone now knows how that one turned out.

So is Howard telling the truth? Well, it’s impossible to tell. Much like Garfield, she would contractually not be able to say anything. Other now-iconic MCU cast members, such as Paul Rudd and Benedict Cumberbatch, all played the same denial trickery.

She could be telling the honest truth, however. Only time will tell. What’s for sure is that she’d make one hell of a Sue Storm.

Fantastic Four does not currently have a release window, but the most likely time fans should expect it in theaters is sometime in 2024.

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