MCU: Zombie Captain America & Thor Featured on What If...? Disney+ Promo Art

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Captain Britain, the Watcher

Marvel Studios is currently building up to a thrilling ending for its second Disney+ series of Phase 4, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The only slight disappointment is that after Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes deal with the new Captain America and other foes in this show, the MCU appears to be headed for a lengthy gap between releases.

June will pick back up with MCU content in a big way with Tom Hiddleson's Loki, which will be followed on Disney+ by Marvel Studios' first animated project, What If...?.

This intriguing series has gears turning all over the Marvel fandom as the MCU plans to take a look at alternate versions of stories within the Infinity Saga. One story will house an expectedly emotional tribute to the late Chadwick Boseman as his T'Challa becomes Star-Lord, while a blast to the past will see Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter trying out the Super Soldier gig for herself.

After an exciting new graphic for the animated series teased the arrival of the MCU Multiverse, another release is teasing more plot details for the Disney+ show through merchandising imagery. 


Ocio Stock recently listed merchandise from Marvel Studios' What If...? for sale on their website, which includes multiple new images from the MCU Disney+ show. All four images, which appear on different t-shirts and hats that are available for purchase, can be seen below:

Ocio Stock

The Watcher is shown in a black-and-white image with half of his face covered by stars in the sky. As an intergalactic being, Jeffrey Wright's leading character will likely be shown much of the time in space.

Zombie Captain America
Ocio Stock

The website teases the appearance of Zombie Captain America, which was one of the earliest characters revealed in promotion for this show. 

Party Thor
Ocio Stock

Thor is shown off on the website with the label "Party Thor" above his head. While his costume doesn't look noticeably different from his MCU garb, the addition of "party" to his name can only mean something fun is planned for the God of Thunder.

Party Thor Hat
Ocio Stock

"Party Thor" is shown off once again on a cap in front of a purple-tinted background with a major city behind him. On first glance, it appears to be very Miami or Las Vegas-esque, but with this series, absolutely anything is possible.


Marvel Studios is hoping to make a splash in the world of animation with the twenty-eighth project released within its massive cinematic universe to date. While there are still plenty of details to iron out in terms of other storylines in the series, these promotional images help tease plenty of exciting elements on the way.

Regarding characters already confirmed for What If...? in these images, Zombie Cap and the Watcher both get more great imagery to tease their arrivals in the MCU. It's still a complete mystery how the MCU will incorporate zombies into the story for the first time, but with the Watcher guiding fans through a vast multiverse of events, the possibilities are literally endless.

As for Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder, "Party Thor" adds yet another wrinkle to his ever-developing legacy within the MCU. Whether he spends more time in Sakaar or simply lets loose on Earth is anyone's guess, but this new version of the character opens the door for pure entertainment in the MCU's animated world.

What If...? is preparing for a release on Disney+ in Summer 2021.

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