Full Cast of McDonald and Dodds Season 4 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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McDonald and Dodds

McDonald and Dodds Season 4 cast features a plethora of guest stars led by The Voice Kids U.K. judge Pixie Lott and Gentleman Jack actress Lydia Leonard. 

The hit crime series from ITV continues the adventures of the U.K.'s entertaining crime-solving duo of ambitious detective Chief Inspector Lauren McDonald and shy yet crafty Detective Sergeant Dodds.

McDonald and Dodds Season 4 premiered on BritBox U.S. on May 23. 

Every Main Cast Member of McDonald and Dodds Season 4 

Tala Gouveia - Chief Inspector Lauren McDonald 

Tala Gouveia as Chief Inspector Lauren McDonald in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Tala Gouveia

Tala Gouveia leads the cast of McDonald and Dodds Season 4 as Chief Inspector Lauren McDonald.

McDonald initially underestimated the local town of Bath, seeing it as a location filled with wealthy inhabitants. 

While she was initially not intrigued by being partnered with a shy detective like Dodds, the pair eventually formed a strong bond.

In Season 4, Episode 1, Chief Inspector Lauren McDonald and Detective Sergeant Dodds investigate the death of a random passenger on a bus named Ian Andrews.

Gouveia is best known for voicing Cleo Farr in Scream Street. The actress' other notable credits include Before We Grow Old, Cold Feet, and For Love or Money

Jason Watkins - Detective Sergeant Dodds 

Jason Watkins as Detective Sergeant Dodds in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Jason Watkins

Jason Watkins reprises his role as Detective Sergeant Dodds in McDonald & Dodds Season 4. 

Detective Dodds has a keen eye for details and vast knowledge which helps him and Chief Inspector McDonald to crack difficult cases.

A glimpse at Dodds' personal life is showcased in Episode 1 when his childhood best friend, Alan "Jinxy" Jones, was murdered by an unknown assailant.

Watkins has over 120 credits, with roles as Harold Wilson in The Crown, Simon in Coma, and Stanley Fox in Archie.

Claire Skinner - Chief Superintendent Ormond

Claire Skinner as Chief Superintendent Ormond in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Claire Skinner

Claire Skinner portrays Chief Superintendent Ormond, McDonald and Dodds' new boss in Season 4. She is also a part-time member of the Bath Alley choir. 

Skinner has credits in Life Is Sweet, Naked, and Bridget Jones's Diary

Charlie Jones - Detective Constable Goldie 

Charlie Jones as  Detective Constable Goldie in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Charlie Jones 

Joining the team in Season 4 is Charlie Jones as Detective Constable Goldie. 

Jones is best known for his role as Ben Mitchell in over 290 episodes of EastEnders. The actor also starred in Noughts + Crosses and Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Bhavik C. Pankhania - Detective Constable Lee 

Bhavik C. Pankhania as Detective Constable Lee in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Bhavik C. Pankhania

One notable newcomer to McDonald and Dodds Season 4 is Bhavik C. Pankhania as Detective Constable Lee. 

Lee uses his technical expertise to help the lead pair of detectives in solving cases.

Pankhania is credited for his roles in The Feed, World on Fire, and My Happy Ending.

Pixie Lott - Lola Baker

Pixie Lott as Lola Baker in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 2
Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott is part of Season 4's cast as Lola Baker, Suzi Green's daughter who was arrested for the murder of her mother at her engagement party during the early moments of Episode 2.

Pixie Lott appeared as a judge in The Voice U.K. for seven seasons. The award-winning singer and actress also starred in Beastly, The Inbetweeners, and Fred: The Movie.

Toby Stephens - Mark Holgate 

Toby Stephens as Mark Colgate in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 2
Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens appears in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 2 as a business magnate, Mark Holgate, who has an investment firm that he uses as cover for his illegal deeds. 

Mark's twin sister, Ann, is at the center of Episode 2's mystery since her dead body was found inside an apartment. The twist here is the fact that she disappeared 38 years ago. 

Stephens' notable credits include One Day, Die Another Day, and The Machine.

Victoria Hamilton - Dora Lang 

Victoria Hamilton as Dora Lang in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 3
Victoria Hamilton

Victoria Hamilton appears in Episode 3 as Dora Lang, a photographer who shares a romantic bond with Detective Sergeant Dodds. 

She is also deemed as a suspect at first but is proven innocent.

Hamilton is known for her roles in Mansfield Park, Doctor Foster, and Scoop.

Rilwan Abiola Owokoniran - Nicolas Olayinka

Rilwan Abiola Owokoniran as Nicolas Olayinka in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Rilwan Abiola Owokoniran

Rilwan Abiola Owokoniran plays Nicolas Olayinka, a passionate musician who asks Professor Clarence Adderly about AI recordings from Robert Johnson's original music.

Owokoniran's other notable credit is playing Abiola in a short film titled Gym.

Hugh Quarshie - Professor Clarence Adderly

Hugh Quarshie as Professor Clarence Adderly in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 1
Hugh Quarshie 

Hugh Quarshie guest stars in Season 4, Episode 1 as Professor Clarence Adderly.

Professor Adderly is on the same bus when a passenger, Ian Andrews, died one morning. Coincidentally, Andrews also attended Adderly's talk prior to his death. 

The professor lies about the fact that he was also riding the same bus as Andrews when McDonald and Dodds interrogated him.

Quarshie starred in Highlander, Red Sparrow, and Nightbreed.

Lydia Leonard - Lucy Holgate

Lydia Leonard as Lucy Colgate in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 2
Lydia Leonard

Lydia Leonard stars as Lucy, Mark Holgate's wife who shows up in Season 4, Episode 2. 

It is later revealed that she is a ruthless killer who killed both Ann Holgate and Suzi Green who also decided to take her own husband down by pinning the blame on him for the said deaths. 

Leonard previously starred in Last Christmas, The Fifth Estate, and Whitechapel

John Gordon Sinclair - Nevis McLintock

John Gordon Sinclair as Nevis McLintock in McDonald and Dodds Season 4, Episode 2
John Gordon Sinclair 

John Gordon Sinclair plays Nevis McLintock, a tree surgeon who gives the evidence to convict the daughter of a woman who died at her engagement party. 

Sinclair is known for his roles in World War Z, Traces, Gregory's Girl, and Death in Paradise

All episodes of McDonald and Dodds Season 4 are streaming on BritBox.

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