Full Cast of MasterChef Junior 2024 - Contestants, Judges & Hosts In Season 9 (Photos)

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Masterchef Junior contestants

MasterChef Junior Season 9 introduces a cast of 12 new pint-sized chefs ready to impress Gordon Ramsey and the rest of the judges in 2024. 

The hit cooking competition assembles young home cooks between 8-13 years old who immerse themselves in many challenges to earn the right to be called America's next MasterChef Junior. 

The winner earns a trophy and $100,000 in prize money. 

MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiered on Fox on March 4. 

Every Contestant & Judge In MasterChef Junior Season 9


MasterChef Junior Season 9

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay's soft spot for kids makes him the perfect candidate to lead the charge as one of the mentors/judges in MasterChef Junior Season 9. 

Ramsay has an impressive resume in the world of cooking, with him being awarded 17 Michelin stars overall. He is also considered by many as the most influential chef of all time. 

Aside from MasterChef Junior, Ramsay also appeared as a mentor in Next Level Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, and 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Aarón Sánchez

Award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez joins the pool of judges in 2024's MasterChef Junior

Growing up in the restaurant business, Sánchez's passion for cooking is undeniable. His legacy expands beyond the four walls of the kitchen since he also serves as the founder of the Aarón Sánchez Impact Fund (a nonprofit program aimed at celebrating the lives of Latino youth). 

Sánchez also appeared as a judge in MasterChef, Chopped, Chopped Junior, and he was the host of Taco Trip

Daphne Oz

Daphne Oz returns as one of the veteran judges of MasterChef Junior

Oz is a chef, highly-sought cookbook author, an Emmy Award-winning TV host, and a New York Times-bestselling author. 

Oz's notable track record in the world of cooking includes serving as the host of ABC's The Chew and co-host of The Good Dish.  

She is also the author of The Happy Cook, Relish, and The Dorm Room Diet

Tilly Ramsay

Tilly Ramsay is Gordon's daughter and serves as one of the judges in Season 9. 

Just like her father, Tilly is also adept at cooking. The young chef reached the final round of Celebrity MasterChef Australia Season 2 in 2021. 

Speaking with People, Tilly explained why she loves being a judge in the 2024 edition of the competition: 

“Being on the other side of it was such a relief. I love being a judge. I feel like I was learning constantly from the kids, from the other judges, just everyone around.”

Tilly previously appeared as a guest judge/mentor in Hell's Kitchen and The F Word. She is also set to star in her cooking series, Dish It Out, on Amazon Prime Video.


Alfred Eggermont

Alfred Eggermont in Master Chef Junior 2024
Alfred Eggermont

Instagram: @alfredkidchef

11-year-old Alfred Eggermont is one of the aspiring home chefs who wants to win it all in MasterChef Junior Season 9. He is also one of the oldest contestants in the show. 

Eggermont, who hails from Binford, North Dakota, told The Valley City Times Record how he became a fan of cooking: 

“I was watching a couple of cooking shows on TV and told my mom that I wanted to be on that show, so my mom started teaching me. Then my Gramma Lenny stepped in and started helping me cook too.”

When asked about the best part of being in the competition, the young chef said that meeting all the judges and making new friends is at the top of the list. 

Asher Niles

Asher Niles in MasterChef Junior 2024
Asher Niles

Instagram: @thefatpastorjunior

Yakima, Washington native and 8-year-old chef Asher Niles is ready to go all-out in MasterChef Junior Season 9. 

Asher is the son of Shawn Niles, aka The Fat Pastor, who serves as the head of a culinary collaborative in Yakima named The Fat Pastor Productions.

Asher's father, Shawn, was a former contestant on MasterChef and Netflix's Best Leftovers Ever

The young chef hopes to continue the legacy of his family in the brand-new season.

Breanna Michelle Williams

Breanna Michelle Williams in MasterChef Junior 2024
Breanna Michelle Williams

Instagram: @breannamichellewilliams

Breanna Michelle Williams, a 10-year-old chef from Burbank, is competing to be the best in MasterChef Junior

In an official press release from Fox, Breanna's food dream is to establish an affordable food truck. 

Bryson McGlynn

Bryson McGlynn in MasterChef Junior 2024
Bryson McGlynn

TikTok: @cookinwithcheesecurd

11-year-old Bryson McGlynn from Opelika, Alabama joins the pool competitors in MasterChef Junior Season 9. 

McGlynn is known as a grill master and a huge fan of baseball. Speaking with AL.com, the young chef explained what it was like working with Gordon Ramsay in the competition: 

“He was most definitely really nice to the kids. I’ve always said, he’s really passionate about what he does. It was definitely really cool [to cook for him.] He’s really passionate about what he does, and he expected a lot.”

McGlynn has over 14,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok and is best known for his channel, “Cookin’ with Cheese Curd.”

Jason Sun

Jason Sun in MasterChef Junior 2024
Jason Sun

Instagram: @jason.s.mz

San Gabriel, California native Jason Sun has big aspirations aside from winning the ultimate prize in MasterChef Junior

In an official press release, the 9-year-old chef wants to write his cookbook someday and star in his own TV show. 

Jordyn Joyner

Jordyn Joyner in MasterChef Junior 2024
Jordyn Joyner

Greensboro's own Jordyn Joyner wants to open a restaurant someday, and her first stepping stone is joining as a contestant in MasterChef Junior

Before being involved in the world of cooking competitions, Joyner was crowned as Miss North Carolina Universal Young Miss 2024. 

Kristell Jean

Kristell Jean in MasterChef Junior 2024
Kristell Jean

Instagram: @kristelljean 

TikTok: @KristellJean3

Kristell Jean, a 10-year-old chef from Austin, Texas, hopes that her talent in cooking is enough to stand tall above the rest in Season 9. 

Jean's passion for food comes from the fact that she is from a food truck family. 

The young chef told Eater Austin about her excitement joining the series, saying that the experience was "so much fun:"

“When I was little, I loved pretending to be on the show and cooking. It was so much fun. I was excited because I was confident. You know what? I think I’m going to get in.”

In the same interview, Jean said she likes making empanadas for her family, telling the outlet, “I love cooking because it brings family and friends together, trying all of these amazing flavors and foods.” 

Lilo Tsai

Lilo Tsai in MasterChef Junior 2024
Lilo Tsai

Instagram: @lilonemo

9-year-old Lilo Tsai from Ann Arbor, Michigan wants to prove that she can thrive in the big leagues in MasterChef Junior

Tsai's family owns a Godiako Japanese restaurant in Ann Arbor and an Asian market called Tsai Grocery. 

In an interview with Detroit Free Press, Tsai opened up about being part of the family business: 

“We are a sushi restaurant, so we make a lot of sushi on the weekend. I make hundreds of California rolls and orders.”

Tsai is confident about her cooking skills, explaining that her experience in the show helped her overcome her worries:

“I was always worried I was too young and people would question: ‘Is she too young?' But no. After 'MasterChef Junior,' I don't think anyone would question because I have proof. I'm one of the best chefs.”

Lydia Ledon

Lydia Ledon in MasterChef Junior 2024
Lydia Ledon

Atlanta's own Lydia Ledon joins the competition in MasterChef Junior with only one goal: to win the $100,000 ultimate prize. 

Ledon spoke with Good Day Atlanta to reveal what she plans to do with the money if she wins, pointing out that she will buy a go-kart and horse for her family. 

She also said that her experience in the show mostly focused on the friendships she established with the rest of the contestants. 

Michael Seegobin

Michael Seegobin in MasterChef Junior 2024
Michael Seegobin

11-year-old Michael Seegobin is set to showcase his cooking skills in MasterChef Junior Season 9. 

Seegobin, the son of Marion County Fire Rescue Lieutenant Deen Seegobin, has a passion for cooking which started in the four walls of their home kitchen. 

The young chef's ultimate goal is to open a restaurant with his mom. 

Miles Platt

Miles Platt in MasterChef Junior 2024
Miles Platt

Instagram: @miles_platt

10-year-old Miles Platt has been cooking for most of his life as he brings his talent for the world to witness in MasterChef Junior

During his time in the show, Platt, from College Station, Texas, tried his best to balance school and the competition since he temporarily moved to Los Angeles.

Platt also formed a strong bond with the contestants amid the thick of the competition. 

Remy Powell

Remy Powell in MasterChef Junior 2024
Remy Powell

Instagram: @chefremypowell

Remy Powell, a 10-year-old chef from Hollywood, Florida, is ecstatic about joining the rest of the contestants in MasterChef Junior

Powell has a simple yet noble food dream, saying she wants to connect with the community through cooking.

New episodes of MasterChef Junior Season 9 premiere every Monday on Fox at 8 p.m. ET and premiere the next day on Hulu.

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