Farmer Wants a Wife Couples: Where Are They Now?

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Farmer Wants a Wife couples

The real challenge for Farmer Wants a Wife couples is whether or not the romance that they established during the show can carry over to real life. 

The hit reality series from Fox provided a unique format where four farmers try to search for a romantic connection in a pool of 32 women. 

Each of the farmers started with eight women moving in with them, ultimately ending up with just one after a series of eliminations. 

What Happened to Farmer Wants a Wife Couples?

Allen & Khelsi

Allen & Khelsi in Farmer Wants a Wife
Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Split

In Season 1 of Farmer Wants a Wife, Allen Foster, (via Fox), is a thrill-seeking farmer looking for someone "to like [him] for who [he is.]" 

Allen's decision in the finale came down to two women: Khelsi Stone and Rebecca Rosell. His undeniable chemistry and strong feelings for Khelsi prevailed, and the pair ended up together at the end of the series.

However, Allen confirmed in May 2023 on his Instagram (@allwfost) that he and Khelsi had broken up, noting, "'Farmer Wants a Wife' didn’t end how I’d hope as far as a relationship:"

"What an incredible journey and opportunity this has been! I came into this with an open mind and open heart! 'Farmer Wants a Wife' didn’t end how I’d hoped as far as a relationship, however, I have gained friendships and had opportunities that will last a lifetime! I truly am a blessed man to have been a part of this journey! Thank you all for the kindness and support!"

Hunter & Meghan

Hunter & Meghan in Farmer Wants a Wife
Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Split

Hunter Grayson had his fair share of ups and downs in choosing the love of his life in Farmer Wants a Wife Season 1, and he ultimately chose event coordinator Meghan Baker over fellow finalist Sydney Groom. 

Meghan left the show midway into the season due to her grandfather's passing, but she returned which made Hunter extremely happy. 

Unfortunately, in June 2023, Hunter announced on his Instagram (@huntergraysonmusic) that he and Meghan "have gone separate ways" since his partner wants to move back to Tennessee: 

"It’s unfortunate to say that Meghan and I have gone separate ways. We gave it our best shot, but it proved so much more than we thought. She wants to be in Tennessee, and I can’t sell my farm to leave. I wish her all the best, and a life full of success. Our story has no end, she will always be a dear friend. I’m so thankful for our journey, I’ll be grateful all my life,
But we can’t love for likes, ’Cause this farmer wants a wife."

Meghan also shared a heartfelt response on her Instagram (@meghanbaker1) with nothing but kind words toward Hunter, noting, "This journey has been something [she] will never forget:"

"This journey has been something I will never forget. There were so many ups & downs that I can’t even begin to describe. Throughout the whole interviewing process, I talked to God. I prayed that if this was my next journey the door would open. The door opened and there I went into a whole new adventure. The process was very overwhelming at times for me and I’m sure many of the other girls can agree as well."

Landon & Ashley

Landon & Ashley in Farmer Wants a Wife
Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Split

Landon Heaton had to choose between two Ashleys in the finale: Ashley Larea and Ashley Rader.

Landon decided to pick Ashley Larea due to the strong romantic bond that they established throughout Season 1. 

Despite their obvious chemistry, Landon confirmed in a lengthy post on his Instagram (@h_bar_ranch) in June 2023 that he and Ashley broke up a month after filming the finale, with the caption of his post, saying, "Amazing memories and no regrets:"

"I know what I was looking for going into this, but wasn't sure what I'd find. What I found was an amazing, raw connection with a fantastic person. Following the final days of filming, due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to be home with my family and then life got busy."

Ashley also took to social media (via @ashleylarea) to confirm their breakup, telling fans that what they saw in the show was "so genuine" and "Landon will always be close to [her] heart:"

"At the finale in December, we were completely changed and hopeful for our future ahead. After the show stopped filming, the pressure of things beyond my control took a toll and ultimately we decided to go our separate ways in January. It was a shock and heartbreaking but life moved on quietly which allowed time to heal. The first time we saw each other or even talked again was at the finale party and as the audience and we watched our love story, we felt again the deep respect and love for one another we will always feel from going through this experience. Landon will always be close to my heart, as will his family and our unmatched memories we couldn’t even try to explain to someone else. We are friends and always will be as we head into our lives."

Ryan & Haley

Ryan & Haley in Farmer Wants a Wife
Farmer Wants a Wife

Status: Didn’t Get Together

Ryan Black had a unique journey in Season 1 as he set out to find love. 

Midway into Farmer Wants a Wife's debut season, Ryan sent Haley Ramirez home. 

While Haley manages to return to the farm after a lot of convincing, she doesn't reciprocate Ryan's feelings when he chooses her in the finale, leaving the lone farmer single by the end of the show.

In a post on his Instagram (@rblack24) in May 2023, Ryan was thankful for his experience in the series despite the rejection that he received from Haley, telling fans, "Accepting rejection has always been a better trait of mine:"

"This journey was a pretty cool deal. Learning about myself and others. Also, the way the film industry works! I couldn’t be more thankful for the experience itself! I finished this reality TV love journey as a single man. Accepting rejection has always been a better trait of mine!! Watch your heart. Keep your guard and if you find yourself in a reality show.. just know the whole world is watching!! Thankful for everyone. From the executive producers to the producers. The boys. The girls. The film crew. One of my favorites was “Machete Letty.”

Haley, via her Instagram (@haleyramirezz) in May 2023, was also grateful about her time on the show, saying, "I wouldn’t have wanted to have this experience with anyone else [but Ryan:]"

"She’s still single. Literally still unsure if this all actually happened, but I’m grateful it did. Although things didn’t work out with Ryan and I, I wouldn’t have wanted to have this experience with anyone else. Every single person from the other girls to the crew and producers are all gems and I’m so happy to have met you all. I’m excited for whatever is next for me."

Interestingly, in an interview with Lancaster Farming in January 2024, Ryan confirmed that he met someone after filming wrapped and he is currently in a happy relationship: 

"I’m just in a happy place,”

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 1 episodes are available to stream on Fox's website. 

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