Full Cast of Spring Baking Championship 2024: Every Contestant, Judge & Host In Season 10

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The 2024 edition of Spring Baking Championship features a fresh cast of bakers going all-out to make delicious desserts and win the ultimate grand prize. 

Season 10 of Food Network's much-talked-about baking competition includes two rounds of bakers creating desserts centered around specific themes. 

Spring Baking Championship premiered on the Food Network on March 4. 

Every Main Contestant, Judge, & Host in Spring Baking Championship Season 10


Jesse Palmer

Jesse Palmer, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Jesse Palmer returns as the host of Spring Baking Championship Season 10. 

Palmer, a former NFL quarterback for the New York Giants and the San Francisco 49ers, brings his wit and enthusiasm to Season 10. His notable hosting credits include Food Truck Face Off, Live with Kelly, The View, and Good Morning America


Kardea Brown

Kardea Brown, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Kardea Brown is a veteran chef from Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to judging Spring Baking Championship, Brown hosts Delicious Miss Brown

She is a proud owner of the New Gullah Super Club. Her other notable credits in reality competitions include Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped Junior, Cooks vs. Cons, Family Food Showdown, and Farmhouse Rules

Nancy Fuller

Nancy Fuller, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Nancy Fuller is a chef, influencer, and cookbook author who also serves as one of the judges of the Holiday Baking Championship

Fuller's cookbook, Farmhouse Rules, made waves in 2015 after being included in USA Today's and the Wall Street Journal's Best Seller Lists. 

Fuller also appeared as a guest on prominent reality shows, such as Dr. Oz, The Chew, The Kitchen, and The Rachael Ray Show.

Duff Goldman

Duff Goldman, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

As a veteran in the kitchen, Duff Goldman knows the ins and outs of baking. 

Goldman, a pastry chef, has captured the art of making cakes as showcased in his Food Network series, Ace of Cakes. He also owns a cake shop named Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. 

Goldman's other credits in Food Network include Kids Baking Championship and Ace of Taste


Zoe Ma

Zoe Ma, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @brobrobakedgoods

As a huge fan of the Spring Baking Championship, Zoe Ma is excited to finally be on the other side as a competitor, telling Jesse Palmer that it's "super unreal."

Ma, a mother of two, is a chef and bakery owner from Langley, B.C. Canada. 

Ma said in the confessional that Duff Goldman inspired her to pursue cake decoration. 

Steven Tran

Steven Tran, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @stran811_

Steven Tran is a competitive pastry chef who already traveled the world not just to learn but to make a name for himself. 

Anchored by his experience and tenacious spirit, Tran believes he has the skill set to win the $25,000 grand prize in Season 10. 

Sandro Arotinco

Sandro Arotinco, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @sandro.cristian77

Sandro Arotinco, a chef who works in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, proudly says in Episode 1 that he has extensive experience making desserts centered on fruits. 

Arotinco also mentioned that his mother's cooking inspired him to pursue baking as a child. 

Sabrina Courtemanche

Sabrina Courtemanche, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @flpastrylife

As an executive chef from Pompano Beach, Florida, Sabrina Courtemanche runs a bakery named New River Cafe. 

Courtemanche has a proven track record in baking after winning Netflix's Sugar Rush Christmas in 2023. She hopes to carry her winning streak in Spring Baking Championship Season 10.

Rochelle Desouza

Rochelle Desouza, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @prettylittlelayerstoronto

Rochelle Desouza, a business graduate turned pastry chef, is proud to admit that baking has been her passion. She is also the esteemed owner of Pretty Little Layers Toronto. 

Desouza is ecstatic about joining Season 10 of the hit Food Network Series. In Episode 1, Desouza uses her expert baking skills to make a dessert anchored by the sweetness of mango, her favorite fruit. 

While pointing out that it took a lot of courage to get to the competition, Desouza believes that winning can prove that all her sacrifices will be worth it. 

Robert Gonzalez

Robert Gonzalez, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @chefbobbyrobby

Robert Gonzales admitted that the science aspect of baking made him love the craft in the first place. 

Understanding the chemical side of what's happening is a unique trait in the kitchen that Gonzales wants to use as an advantage during the competition. 

This isn't the first time Gonzales has appeared on Food Network since he was a guest on Chopped Sweets in 2018. 

Nickey Boyd

Nickey Boyd, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @chef_nickey_

Jacksonville's Nickey Boyd revealed in Episode 1 that she comes from a "cheffy family," noting that her dad is a chef. 

Boyd pointed out in the confessional that her husband loves cooking, as he is also a professional chef. 

Working as one of the chefs in an Italian restaurant in Jacksonville, Nickey wants to win so that she can prove that being a Black woman chef can beat the odds and she could be the voice for every other Black woman chef in the world. 

Michael Bass

Michael Bass, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @michaelbasspastry

Colorado native Michael Bass is an executive pastry chef at a restaurant known as Matsuhisa in Denver. 

Speaking with Greensboro, Bass opened up about his baking journey, noting that it all started with bread and other baked goods. He said he wants to explore "French techniques to incorporate East Asian ingredients."

Katelyn Boutilier

Katelyn Boutilier, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @pastry.chocolate.cake

Katelyn Boutilier is from Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada who owns a pastry shop named Flake. 

As a new mom, Boutilier playfully said in Episode 1 that she thinks that she has an advantage over the other competitors since she doesn't think that most of the other contestants are used to sleeping two hours at a time.

Ericka Wells

Ericka Wells, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @layersbyxanthe

Ericka Wells is the owner and cake designer of Layer by Xanthe. The Oakland native started baking at a young age which eventually grew into an online baking business. 

Wells, who hails from Oakland, California, loves springtime and hopes her admiration for it is a lucky charm in Season 10.

Anna Simeonides

Anna Simeonides, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @toyourhealthbakery

Anna Simeonides, who hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is a bakery owner who wants to prove she's the best in Spring Baking Championship Season 10. 

Simeonides has been baking since she was 8 years old and wants to use her longtime experience in the show.

In Episode 1, Simeonides expressed her excitement about joining the competition, pointing out that she always wanted to be on Food Network "since [she] was seven years old."

Alexandre Bonnefoi

Alexandre Bonnefoi, Spring Baking Championship 2024
Food Network

Instagram: @alexandre_bonnefoi

As a pastry chef for over 25 years, Boston native Alexandre Bonnefoi is still not letting his guard down in Spring Baking Championship Season 10. 

In an interview with MassLive, Bonnefoi said that taking a risk is second nature to him: 

“If you don’t take a risk, you’re pretty sure it’s finished for you. You need to take a risk for each episode.”

Bonnefo's strategy is simple: create something "very specific and very challenging:"

“You have to do something very specific and very challenging. Pastry is something very precise, very accurate. And when you start the show, you don’t know what’s happen[ing].”

New episodes of Spring Baking Championship premiere on the Food Network every Monday at 8 p.m. ET. 

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