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Marvel Studios is back on track with releasing top-notch projects on a regular basis, save for this strange gap between the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and the beginning of Loki. Thankfully, the final episode of Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes' team-up effort still has fans buzzing a few days after its debut thanks to its incredible action sequences and one of the coolest new outfits in MCU history for Sam Wilson as Captain America.

Less than 12 hours after Episode 6 dropped on Disney+, news broke revealing that Marvel Studios is actively developing a fourth Captain America movie with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer Malcolm Spellman penning the script. Along with the potential new Chris Evans-led outing, this adds to the 23 already confirmed projects coming in other corners of the MCU, all debuting on Disney+ or in theaters sometime in the next few years.

That being said, Marvel Studios is known for always having their slate planned out years in advance, whether projects are announced or not. Spellman himself confirmed this fact in his most recent interview.


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In a chat with insider Charles Murphy of Murphy's Multiverse, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier head writer Malcolm Spellman teased the expansive future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the coming years. Even he was "surprised about how few of the upcoming Marvel movies" have been revealed to the public, confirming that "fans will start to become more and more clear" as more titles make their way into the news stream:

"I was surprised about how few of the upcoming Marvel movies have been will start to become more and more clear as these projects get announced."


It's widely known that Marvel Studios is a juggernaut when it comes to having their cinematic universe planned out. This fact was reconfirmed at December's Disney Investor Day, in which Marvel CCO Kevin Feige gave confirmations and updates for over two dozen titles making their way into the narrative between now and 2023.

The craziest part of this staggering number is that it doesn't even include other projects that have circled in rumors over the past couple of years.

Reports have floated around for some time about intergalactic projects like Nova coming into play in the future, and Maya Lopez's Echo has been confirmed to receive her own solo series nearly a year before her debut in Hawkeye on Disney+. And then, of course, there's that little report detailing development for The Mutants which sent the internet into a frenzy in March 2021.

As it currently stands, the furthest out project for the MCU is Jon Watts' Fantastic Four, which won't be arriving until at least 2023, if not later. Even with so much material set in stone over the next few years, fans can't discount the fact that Marvel is always 10 steps ahead of everything that's already out in the world.

The MCU will continue with Loki premiering on Disney+ on June 11, and its next theatrical outing will come with Black Widow on July 9.

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