Tom Hiddleston Teases 'Drama' Within Marvel's Loki Disney+ Show

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One of the most anticipated upcoming projects for Marvel fans is easily the Loki Disney+ show. After having been killed in Avengers: Infinity War, fans still wanted more of Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief—and Marvel chose to deliver just that. Thanks to a hiccup during Avengers: Endgame's  time heist, a new branch of reality was born, bringing with it an opportunity for more Loki adventures. 

The trailers for the Disney+ show have offered a good tease of what is to come. Loki's escape from his bind in NYC has broken the time stream itself, and now he has to clean up the mess that he made in doing so. This seems to not only include traveling to various points through time, but also different timelines all together—including some that don't look to be in such good shape. 

Loki seems to be taking it even one step further, dialing up the crazy even more (perhaps giving even WandaVision a run for its money). On top of all the time-traveling shenanigans, the titular character will have to contend with entirely different versions of himself. From Kid Loki to Lady Loki, fans are going to see their favorite god in ways they would have never thought

In essence, the show seems to be oozing drama. But where does the core of all that drama come from? 



In an interview with Empire Magazine, Tom Hiddleston was asked if he could elaborate more on how his Disney+ show is categorized, and where—or when—Loki actually disappeared to. 

"...Where, when, how? How skilled is (Loki) at using the Tesseract to get to places? It is, after all, the Space Stone. So I suppose, to quote Hawkeye, doors open on both sides. You can open a door into space, anywhere, anytime.

Hiddleston then goes on to talk about the TVA, the new organization at the forefront of Loki that "governs the order of time." The organization has been seen dealing with the God of Mischief in the few trailers that audiences have seen, a dynamic that will lead to "the drama" in the series, according to Hiddleston:

"The trailer shows a face-to-face with the Time Variance Authority. The TVA. An organization that governs the order of time. Pretty big institution. Substantial responsibility to make sure that time unfolds according to pre-determined lines. So you have an institution that represents order, and a character that represents chaos. Therein begins the drama." 


The idea of Loki representing chaos while the TVA will emulate order is a fantastic angle to play. It essentially gives the show limitless potential when it comes to conflict and creating compelling narrative threads for the audience. Having two forces that were never meant to coexist, let alone work together, makes for some really intriguing storytelling. 

It's interesting that Tom Hiddleston refers to these two entities (Loki and the TVA) in the way that he does. In the comics, there is an actual personification of Chaos and Order in the form of Lord Chaos and Master Order. Both are immensely powerful cosmic beings that run on an existential level, responsible for the overall balance of existence as a whole. The very concept of these two and the many of the other inner workings of the universe are very surreal and hard concepts to grasp. 

To see the MCU start to tackle all of that would be extremely exciting; seeing such cosmic and universal workings in live-action is something fans likely thought they'd never witness. However, Loki seems to have its sites aimed at setting up other things — things such as Kang The Conquerer, a massive Avengers villain that is set to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and who will likely be a key antagonistic force for the MCU going forward.

Each piece of news for Loki just raises the excitement for the God of Mischief's long-overdue solo outing, and fans are surely becoming even more eager for the Disney+ series' debut in June. 

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