Chris Evans' Rumored Captain America Project Reportedly Separate From Captain America 4

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The Falcon and the Winter Soldier just ended its first season run on Disney+. While it may have been a flawed finale, there was plenty to be happy about. One of those key things is that Sam Wilson finally took up the mantle of Captain America and picked up the shield that Steve Rogers left for him at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

Even if it's not so surprising, Sam Wilson becoming Captain America is the perfect trajectory for the character. The show did a fantastic job at conveying Sam come to the decision on his own and the weight that it all had. Now the next question is when will fans see him next?

It looks like the answer to that is Captain America 4, which was just announced to be in development. With the news breaking about the film, it can be assumed that the project will focus on Sam Wilson. It would certainly make sense, but where does this put the Chris Evans' rumored return to the MCU?


Captain America Anthony Mackie Chris Evans

With the news of breaking that a Captain America 4 is in development, Deadline has commented on where Chris Evans stands in relation to the newly announced film. The trade states that the Marvel Cinematic Universe project that Evans is reported to return in would be "separate" from the recently reported fourth Captain America movie, which will seemingly be focused on Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson.


It should go without saying that given the events of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this new Captain America film should be starring Anthony Mackie, with the main focus being on him. Otherwise, it would definitely take away from his new title in an unnecessary way. A great many fans want Steve to come back, and while it looks like he will at some point, this project should put him in a supporting capacity if he does make an appearance.

How could Chris Evans show up? Well, there's always the chance of him showing up as old man Steve, being a mentor of sorts for Sam. Then there is the wildly different idea maybe seeing Hydra Captain America show up instead, something that would make for a really fascinating conflict especially with all the multiverse shananigans happening in the MCU's upcoming projects. 

Of course, there is always the possibility of him simply returning as the Captain America audiences known for a decade. Two Captain Americas operating at the same time isn't completely out of the question, as the comics have no quarrels with multiple characters rocking the same name/mantle. At the very least, having Chris Evans back would be amazing, just hopefully not at the cost of taking away from Sam Wilson's journey.

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