Marvel Studios Prevented Daredevil Villain From Appearing In New Hulu Show

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One of the most beloved Marvel shows before the Disney+ era of the MCU was Netflix's Daredevil. The series starred Charlie Cox as the blind vigilante, and audiences fell in love with him.

In the last season of the showthe villain of the piece was Wilson Bethel's Bullseye—the titular hero's arch-nemesis from the comics. He was well received and made for an intimidating threat for Matt Murdock to take on.

When the show was canceled, many thought they may never see that character again anytime soon in live-action

Well, now, fans might have a glimmer of hope, as it's been reported that Marvel blocked an upcoming animated Hulu show from using the character.

No Bullseye for Hit-Monkey

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In an exclusive interview with Murphy's Multiverse, the directing duo behind the upcoming Hulu series Hit-Monkey, Will Speck and Josh Gordon, confirmed that there was one character that they wanted to use but were unable to: Bullseye.

They didn't reveal exactly why that mandate came down the chain, but they did mention how "Marvel offered [them] Lady Bullseye instead:"

"Yes, Bullseye. Bullseye was in the original issues of Hit-Monkey and that was who we originally thought we would use but for various reasons, we couldn’t. But Marvel offered us Lady Bullseye instead and we thought, ‘Wow. That’s so much more interesting since she’s a character we haven’t seen much of yet.’ We were thrilled that we got that pivot."

Does Marvel Studios Have Plans for Bullseye?

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Marvel Comics

Generally speaking, if a character is blocked from being used, it means that the big wigs have a plan for it elsewhere. So, while this isn't hard confirmation, it's another good sign that Daredevil and the many elements involved in it may be making their comeback.

Currently, Charlie Cox is still rumored to be returning to the role in this year's Spider-Man: No Way Home. If he does make his grand re-entrance into the public sphere, whispers have him playing the role in both of the upcoming shows She-Hulk and Echo—he could even be getting his series back.

With Daredevil's big rumored return, it does paint some favorable context to the blocking of Bullseye in Hit-Monkey. Marvel Studios might have big plans for the villain down the road; maybe it will even bring Bethel back to the role and allow him the opportunity to embody the full version of his character.

Hit-Monkey will start streaming on Hulu on November 17, 2021.

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