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At this point, did a Marvel Studios project even happen if there wasn't some sort of Mephisto rumor attached to it? Marvel's take on the devil has been rumored to be in nearly every Phase 4 project to date, starting way back with WandaVision in January 2021. 

Since then the character has had fans thinking he would pop up in everything from Loki to Spider-Man: No Way Home to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. While all this talk has some asking "Who is Mephisto," the MCU faithful remain adamant that the character will show up in the franchise sometime soon.

And turns out the Mephisto rumor machine is rolling again, this time attaching itself to the upcoming Ironheart Disney+ series - this time, it even comes with a supposed casting. 

Marvel May Have Found Its Mephisto


According to a number of insiders online, the Marvel Comics villain Mephisto is finally set to come to the MCU in Ironheart, with Borat actor Sasha Baron Coen attached to the role. 

The Cosmic Circus Editor-in-Chief Lizzie Hill tweeted in support of these rumors saying "Sacha Baron Coen is involved with Ironheart" and that the "the Mephisto rumors [surrounding the actor] may be true:"

"I don't want to be a "coattails rider" here but yes I hear, and have some confidence, that Sacha Baron Coen is involved with #Ironheart. I believe he's not Dormammu and that the Mephisto rumors may be true. Time will tell."

And Marvel Twitter scooper @MyTimeToShineH posted similar thoughts, retweeting the Coen/Mephisto rumor remarking "It's true and I love it. Perfect casting."

When further questioned about the rumors @MyTimeToShineH noted that "the Hood is the [main] villain of [Ironheart]," and even though he may gets his powers from Dormammu in the comics, "here it's gonna be with Mephisto," who is supposedly going to be a "long term" MCU threat:

"The Hood is the villain of the show. He's magic based character that makes a deal with a demon to get his cloak and powers. Originally it was with Dormammu in the comics but here it's gonna be with Mephisto."

Is Mephisto Really Happening?

Surely a great swath of the Marvel fandom is going to take this news with the tiniest, most-minute grain of salt, but it seems like Mephisto could actually be happening this time. 

While a lot of the speculation around the character previously had to do with fans taking things out of context online, this is coming unprompted with an actor actually attached. That marks a big difference this time around. 

Before, when speculation like this would pop up it usually had to do with some devil imagery in a scene or a trailer, or an unknown character like Evan Peters' Ralph Bohner (WandaVision) popping up. The Coen rumor comes without any having seen anything from Ironheart

Of course, time will tell if this Ironheart tidbit bears out to be true, but for now, it is at least holding a bit more water than some of the other Mephisto rumors have before. 

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