MCU's Mephisto Actor Reportedly Cast Following WandaVision Hype

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Mephisto, Marvel Studios

When WandaVision first aired on Disney+ way back at the start of 2021, there was one name that permeated the online discussion about the series: Mephisto. The iconic villain, who is basically Marvel's Satan, is known to have had a history with Wanda in the comics, particularly in the same storyline that first introduced her children.

Despite the many fan theories and supposed Easter eggs, the show came and went without a single mention of the villain

In fact, the show's head writer claimed to have not even known about the character until the press tour began. Though, one would have to hope that was at least a small white lie, seeing as the character would've come up with one Google search about Wanda's kids.

Despite that big disappointment, somehow, the bad guy continued to stick around in theories surrounding proceeding Marvel projects, such as Loki, What if... ?, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

So when might fans see him? Well, that might've just been revealed for real this time.

Mephisto Finally Revealed?

Mephisto comics

A new report from Deadline has potentially revealed that Sacha Baron Cohen has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On top of that, it seems that the esteemed actor may be playing the infamous Mephisto, potentially as early as next year's Disney+ series Ironheart. In theory, he'd go on to play the same character in other projects as well, such as the upcoming WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Sacha Baron Cohen, Ironheart

Marvel Studios and the actor's representatives have not commented on or confirmed Cohen's involvement with the MCU.

So, Borat is Mephisto?

One of Sacha Baren Cohen's most famous roles is Borat, a satirical character the actor would hide behind to pull off some wild public stunts and pranks on camera. So, for many, this might seem like an odd choice.

Others, however, have already voiced that this oddball choice is secretly the perfect casting and one that many would never see coming.

As for the character, given all the hype for him at the beginning of Phase 4, it was only a matter of time before he eventually entered the MCU fold. But how might he possibly factor into Ironheart?

Well, the show's villain is The Hood, a criminal who wields a magical red hood. In the comics, its powers come from Dormammu; in this case, the MCU could always pivot and make them derive from Mephisto instead.

The character could also go on to factor into Agatha: Coven of Chaos, which would feel like a full-circle moment given all of the fuss about him when WandaVision was first airing.

Next up, hopefully, Marvel Studios is already aligning the stars so that the MCU can finally get its Ghost Rider on the board.

Ironheart is currently set to air in Fall 2023.

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