Mephisto's MCU Debut: New Report Reveals Which EXACT Disney+ Episodes He'll Appear

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Mephisto, Ironheart

Mephisto is a name that many MCU fans are familiar with. While the character hasn't yet appeared in live-action, he was the center of countless fan theories when WandaVision was first airing back in 2021.

In the comics, the character is heavily involved in the storyline centered around Wanda's children coming into the world. Oddly enough, Marvel chose to exclude their version of the Devil from the fun when WandaVision made its tun on Disney+.

Now, almost two years later, and he still hasn't appeared in the MCU. However, recently, a big casting report came out that claimed Marvel may have chosen Sasha Baron Cohen as the soon-to-be iconic villain. The same article seemed to think he would make his first appearance in Dominique Thorne's upcoming Disney+ series, Ironheart.

Now, a big update has revealed the exact episodes he could show up in.

A Mephisto-Sized Update

Mephisto, Ironheart

After Deadline reported earlier this month that actor Sasha Baron Cohen would be joining the MCU (with many assuming he would be playing the devilish Mephisto), the outlet has added a few extra details.

Deadline revealed that the actor would appear in Ironheart, likely showing up in Episodes 5 & 6, with rumors of CGI scans of the actor taking place as well as reported in-person scenes. 

This likely means Cohen will likely have some sort of dual identity in the series, giving weight to speculation he would be playing Marvel's take on the Devil.

The Devil's Coming for Ironheart

Some might be wondering, what exactly is the Devil doing in Ironheart?

The prevailing theory amongst fans is that the magic being used by Parker Robbins, the main villain of the series, is coming from Mephisto's realm (or even from Mephisto directly). If this is the case, the source of The Hood's power (the magical object Robbins wears) is likely meant to be a mystery throughout the show.

So, an appearance in Episodes 5 and 6 makes perfect sense. One could also guess that Robbins might not realize he's using power from the devil; but will he stand tall with Satan at his side or team up with Riri to take him down? Or at least, will he try to take down the villain?

Mephisto's introduction could lead to a lot of exciting storylines in the future. Cohen could potentially show up in Agatha: Coven of Chaos, and with him just simply existing, it opens up the door to the MCU's eventual Ghost Rider down the line.

Ironheart is currently set to hit Disney+ sometime in Summer 2023.

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