The Direct Podcast: Loki Ep5 Review, What If...? Trailer, Johnny Gargano Interview

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Richard E. Grant's Classic Loki, The Suicide Squad, What If?




It's content week baby!

With both Loki's penultimate episode and Black Widow's theatrical release both dropping this week, we bring you a brief *spoiler free* review of Natasha's solo flick, as well as an in-depth recap and discussion on the God of Mischief's journey into The Void.

Reviews were hot, but the news was even hotter. Is Wolverine coming to the MCU? How much did the Spider-Man toy leaks give away about the movie? What characters did James Gunn cut from The Suicide Squad movie?

We also kick off with BREAKING NEWS regarding the What If...? trailer. We have a release date! We have new confirmed characters! We have a new Iron Man? Everything from Marvel's first animated adventure's teaser is analyzed and theorized.

Finally, we are joined by former NXT Champion and Marvel superfan JOHNNY GARGANO for a brief interview and a draft of the best MCU talkers. We get Johnny's thoughts on Loki, his favorite Marvel-inspired gear, his shocking (but awesome) picks for best MCU talkers, and so much more.

Thanks for rocking with us every single week. Keep those iTunes reviews coming! We love y'all 3000.


2:10 - Production Update

3:48 - Tribute to Richard Donner (1930-2021)

6:52 - Sizzle Reel

9:32 - What If...? Trailer Thoughts

22:16 - Spider-Man: No Way Home Toy Leaks

31:04 - Zack Snyder's "Star Wars" Movie (Kinda)

36:31 - Scrapped The Suicide Squad Characters Revealed

40:31 - Loki Ep5 Review

1:37:19 - Johnny Gargano Interview

1:43:18 - Best MCU Talkers Draft (w/ Johnny Gargano)

2:09:39 - Weekly Recs

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