The Direct Podcast - Elijah Richardson Interview, The Bad Batch, Marvel Phase 4 Stock Exchange

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Eli Bradley, Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man, Eternals, Green Lantern, The Bad Batch




Segments? Ya like segments?

The Direct Podcast is back in business this week with a stacked two hours of news, reviews, interviews, and more.

We kick things off as we always do with the Sizzle Reel, breaking down all the major moves that happened in the world of comic book movies this week. Loki is going to Wednesdays! Andrew Garfield's talking Spider-Man! Warner Bros. is casting a Black Superman!

Star Wars came in hot this week with the debut of the highly-anticipated The Bad Batch."s Savannah Saunders joins Matt to chat all things about the show's big premiere.

After Marvel broke the internet with their "See You at the Movies" trailer, we debut a new segment in the Stock Exchange to deep dive into what we learned from the three minutes of celebratory footage. Which upcoming MCU projects should you invest your attention in? We'll tell ya.

Later in the show, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Elijah Richardson joins Liam for a sit-down interview to discuss his time on the show, behind the scenes stories, and his potential MCU future.

We round out this episode with a fancasting of the upcoming Green Lantern Corps. Who's our Kyle Rayner? Hal Jordan? John Stewart?

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2:16 - Production Update

4:31 - Sizzle Reel

7:19 - Loki Wednesdays!

12:18 - Andrew Garfield's Been Talking...

 15:06 - Joker 2?

 21:00 - Black Superman

26:08 - The Bad Batch Review  

30:35 - Stock Exchange (Marvel's Phase 4 Movies)

1:19:16 - Elijah Richardson Interview

1:29:39 - Green Lantern Corps Fancasting

 1:49:26 - Weekly Recs

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