Marvel’s Most-Expensive LEGO Set Ever Just Got Revealed (Photos)

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LEGO has been a consistent part of marketing for projects under the MCU banner. The toy company has revealed tons of noteworthy collectibles from films like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, along with many others before this year’s sequels.

Although some LEGO sets have spoiled key plot points from certain MCU films, other collectibles that have been released were used to celebrate key figures from the franchise, such as the late Chadwick Boseman

Now, an unexpected new LEGO figure has set a historic record. 

A New Hulkbuster LEGO Set Costs $550 

A new 76210 Hulkbuster LEGO figure based on the version seen in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron was recently discovered at a retail store in Indonesia by Brickpedia

Hulkbuster LEGO

As reported by Promobricks, the LEGO 76210 Hulkbuster has a price of $550/€550, making it the most expensive LEGO Marvel set ever. The set includes a total of 4049 parts and it contains three light bricks where the model can be illuminated in the chest area and on the hands. 

The new LEGO figure is identical to the Armored Avenger's super suit in Age of Ultron

Hulkbuster, Avengers: Age of Ultron
Marvel Studios

In comparison, here is a closer look at the original large-scale Hulkbuster LEGO set, which is dubbed as the Ultron edition, from back in 2018: 

Hulkbuster LEGO

Here is a fresh look at the box of the 76210 Hulkbuster LEGO set:

The Hulkbuster LEGO figure is reportedly 52 cm high and 37 cm wide, and is a fully poseable model:

For reference, here are the prices of previous LEGO sets that are tied for the most expensive title: 

  • 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier: $349.99 / €349.99
  • 76178 The Daily Bugle: $349.99 / €349.99
  • 76215 Black Panther: $349.99 / €349.99

Meanwhile, this year's 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum has been bumped into third place:

  • 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum: $249.99 / €249.99

Why This New Hulkbuster LEGO Set Is a Worthy Collector’s Item

Despite a heavy price tag, this latest LEGO collectible is still a worthy addition to the collection of any toy enthusiast, mainly due to its detailed look and towering presence. It's also interesting that this lone LEGO figure has a more expensive price than past LEGO sets which includes several mini-figures. 

The $550 price tag for this Hulkbuster LEGO set is far from the most expensive non-Marvel collectible. 75192 Millennium Falcon and 75313 AT-AT are tied for the title of most expensive LEGO set ever at $849.99 each.

Earlier this year, LEGO confirmed that it would raise prices for several sets that are currently on the market, with some of them going up as much as $70. Although LEGO has cited that the increase is due to "increased raw material and operating costs," this news about the price increase has been expected due to the current inflation. 

Hopefully, the prices of future LEGO sets will go down as the inflation rate becomes steady.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is streaming on Disney+.

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