Marvel Throws Shade at Harley Quinn on Social Media

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Harley Quinn, Avengers

Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. are both seen as leaders of the pack in the superhero movie genre, especially considering the two have dozens of combined projects set for release in the next couple of years. They are both set to continue their runs in the coming weeks with DC's The Suicide Squad in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6 and Marvel's What If...? on Disney+ on August 11.

Even though the two have gotten along well and supported each other publicly through their endeavors, there is still a clear rivalry present between the comic book movie moguls.

Through the years, the companies' source material from Marvel Comics and DC Comics have inevitably developed heroes and villains with similar personalities and powers, although none are pure carbon-copies of each other. One of these duos that's made headlines in recent weeks is DC's Harley Quinn and Marvel's Deadpool, who have found themselves alongside each other in art from fans for a long time.

Social media even had its day tackling this rivalry, which was noticed by one of Marvel's official accounts as well.


Deadpool 3

Twitter user @Pollos_Hernandy shared a picture of DC's Harley Quinn while commenting on how "WB (Warner Bros.) is trying too hard to make her DC's Deadpool." This post was subsequently retweeted by the official Marvel India Twitter account.

Deadpool Harley Quinn Marvel India



Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Wade W. Wilson may originate from different comic book companies, but they've both gained worldwide fame due to their similar natures. The two share a love of violence, a knack for ridiculous quips, and a propensity for breaking the fourth wall, as seen in both Fox-produced Deadpool movies and Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

While Deadpool first came to Marvel Comics in February 1991 and Harley Quinn debuted with DC in September 1992, the anti-heroes have had a feverish love-hate relationship with each other in the eyes of fans. This could be due to the two sharing so much in common personality-wise, as they've often been depicted as a couple, but the connection is obvious regardless of their comic creators.

In the most simple terms, this appears to be Marvel shading DC over the company trying to utilize Deadpool's success to help promote Harley Quinn to further fame.

Thankfully, outside the comparisons to one another, Margot Robbie and Ryan Reynolds have delivered iconic performances in superhero movies for their portrayals of Harley and Wade. Both have become memorable in their own way, helping Marvel and DC continue their successful runs in movies and continuing to build their own popularity in the process.

While it will likely remain a mystery why Marvel's India account decided to pull this move, it certainly makes for an entertaining story for fans of both franchises.

Harley Quinn will make her next appearance in James Gunn's The Suicide Squad in August 2021. Marvel Studios is in the early stages of developing Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds returning to the lead role.

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