Marvel's Eternals: Kit Harington Speaks on Harry Styles Cameo Rumors and MCU Hero

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Marvel Studios is looking to have a number of big splash moments with its theatrical releases remaining in 2021, which includes a potential major award winner in November's Eternals.

Even with only one teaser trailer released for the MCU flick, there is considerable hype for this movie on numerous levels. On top of boasting an Oscar-winning director and one of the most star-studded casts of any movie this side of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Eternals is looking to deliver something truly unique and special in the superhero movie genre.

With this being the first live-action adventure for Marvel's race of immortals, the movie's cast and crew have consistently worked to provide information to MCU fans about what to expect from the leading heroes.

However, one team member who hasn't had much shine for this project recently shared his own thoughts on Marvel while also touching on an interesting Eternals rumor.


Eternals Kit Harington

Dane Whitman star Kit Harington spoke with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about his experience working with Marvel Studios and learning about his role in Eternals.

When asked about the secrecy behind Marvel Studios, Harington spoke of the studio having "an aura" about it where nobody actually "says you can’t say anything."

Upon taking the role, Harington revealed that Marvel simply told him who he was playing before he had to "Google the character" for more information.

Thankfully, upon learning some of what Dane Whitman was about, the actor seemed to immediately feel that he connected with the role thanks to his past work:

"I just think it’s an aura, I think that there’s a kind of, like… you just know. No one tells you, no one says you can’t say anything. First of all, I didn’t get sent a script, I just got sent ‘This is who you’re playing.’ And so I was like ‘OK,’ so I just had to Google the character, which is a hell of a way to kind of work out who you’re playing. I Googled him, and I was like, he’s a character called Dane Whitman, and I realized he has a sword and rides a horse, and I was like ‘I know this guy! I’ve been this guy!’ But actually he’s quite different."

Harington also addressed rumors about actor Harry Styles having a role in the movie, to which he joked was possibly the case if Harington himself had "been recast:"

"No idea, unless I’ve been recast and he’s playing my part, not a clue [...] No comment. I hear he’s a great guy, yeah!"


With rumors of singer-turned-actor Harry Styles having joined Eternals floating around online, Harington certainly had a fun time offering his own thoughts while confirming nothing about the rumor being true. Given his experience with Marvel and other major projects, he already appears to have mastered the art of not giving away spoilers for any reason at all.

Whether Styles ends up as a part of the MCU film is still a complete mystery, although it's one that likely won't be revealed until the film actually debuts to the public.

As for Harington's own experience, he appears to be adapting well to the secretive nature of the MCU with the story of how he learned about Dane Whitman. He was even able to bring some laughs with these memories by comparing them to his time playing Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, which may have made his transition to the MCU easier.

Stories and memories aside, the new MCU star seems ready to bring the best out of Dane Whitman into the franchise as one of the only mortal characters in Eternals. Trailers have already teased an interesting emotional journey for the Earth-based warrior, and fans are looking forward to seeing how he meshes with the powerful team of heroes.

Eternals is set to release in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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