Marvel Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Thor With Special MCU LEGO Set

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Chris Hemsworth, Mjolnir, Thor

Marvel Studios is set to add Thor: Love and Thunder to the Phase 4 slate in July 2022, which will mark the first time any leading MCU hero has enjoyed a fourth solo film. Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder became part of the MCU's holy trinity alongside Captain America and Iron Man throughout the Infinity Saga, often putting his Asgardian hammer Mjolnir down along the way.

Thor has made his mark as one of the most powerful Marvel heroes over the last decade, showing the strength to wield iconic weaponry and call down lightning as well. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame gave the Asgardian hero the Stormbreaker axe, which brought cheers across theaters worldwide, but it was Mjolnir that helped push the hero through most of his adventures.

Made of Uru metal on Nidavellir, Mjolnir has made its mark on seven of the MCU's 32 projects to date, and it's far from done leaving an impact on the franchise's cosmic journey. Now, it's being celebrated in a new LEGO set that should be quite popular for Thor fans all across Midgard.

MCU Infinity Saga LEGO Set Celebrates Thor

The LEGO website listed a new buildable set depicting Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, from Marvel Studios' Infinity Saga. Featuring Marvel Studios' logo and a title card depicting "The Infinity Saga," this set utilizes 979 bricks and pieces to build the iconic MCU weapon.

Thor's Hammer LEGO set

Complete with the handle Thor uses to twirl his hammer in the air, the set perfectly replicates Mjolnir after its time in seven MCU movies between 2010 and 2019.

Thor's Hammer LEGO Set

It's unclear how big the Mjolnir set will be upon final completion, but given how many pieces make it up, there's a chance it could be something of a life-size replica.

Thor's Hammer LEGO Set

Most of the 979 blocks are used to construct the hammer itself, although the set comes with more than that. Also included are a display stand, a God of Thunder figurine reminiscent of his look from 2011's Thor, and items from Odin's treasure room in the same movie.

Thor's Hammer LEGO Set

Part of what makes this set so exciting is that the hammer also serves as a hollowed-out house for the other smaller items. Mjolnir serves as a version of the treasure room, for which the roof can be removed to take other items out or put them in.

Thor's hammer LEGO Set

The online listing shows the other pieces to this set, including a fully suited-up Thor wielding his own appropriately sized Mjolnir. Also included are the Tesseract (which debuted in Thor's post-credits scene), the Eternal Flame from Thor: Ragnarok, and the presumably fake Infinity Gauntlet from both of those movies.

Thor's Hammer LEGO Set

The set will be available on March 1, 2022, and it's currently listed for a price of $99.99.

"Whosoever Holds This Hammer, If He Be Worthy..."

"...shall possess the power of Thor."

The MCU has no shortage of impressive weaponry from the past decade and a half, which includes the Iron Man suit, Cap's vibranium shield, and most recently, the Ten Rings. Thor's mighty hammer comes in as one of the most powerful and visually stunning of the bunch, with a simple design that packs a mean punch.

This LEGO set perfectly encapsulates the legacy that Mjolnir has built since its debut more than a decade ago. After all, this weapon only appeared on screen for less than five seconds in the post-credits scene of the MCU's third movie, Iron Man 2, and induced deafening cheers for fans that knew who wielded it.

The new set bringing this hammer to life will be a perfect way to celebrate the God of Thunder's time in the MCU, especially since Mjolnir's time in the story will continue in Phase 4. Natalie Portman's Jane Foster will find herself worthy of wielding the weapon in this summer's Thor: Love and Thunder, with rumors even teasing that fans will see how it's rebuilt after it was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok.

Regardless of how the future turns out, this set will be a fun way to pay tribute to Thor's time in The Infinity Saga as the mighty hammer makes its way into fans' homes.

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