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Marvel & DC Auction Off Thor's Hammer, Wonder Woman's Lasso & Many More Props

Thor and Wonder Woman

Last decade, the shared cinematic universe model took off in Hollywood. Back in 2008, Marvel Studios launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which introduced a set of interconnected stories that ultimately led to superheroes teaming up on the big screen. As a result, the MCU became a multi billion-dollar franchise with quality films that garnered critical praise to its name.

Much in part to the successful debut of the MCU, DC started their own superhero universe in the form of the DCEU. Recent evidence suggests that the franchise will shy away from the shared universe model with future releases, instead focusing on a transmedia approach through the use of the multiverse .

At this point, both the MCU and DCEU proved to be a hit to the masses. These two massive franchises managed to adapt captivating stories from the comics to the big screen while also bringing along a plethora of powerful objects from both heroes and villains along the way. In many ways, these iconic objects highlights the journey of different characters, and many die-hard fans have dreamed of acquiring such memorabilia from the films.

And now, it seems that such dreams could soon become a reality for some, as a slew of movie props will soon be available online.


Comic Connect has unveiled a wide array of MCU and DCEU props that will soon be available for auction. From Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth to Thor's powerful Mjolnir, The Direct breaks down all the available props below...

Wonder Woman Lasso from Dawn of Justice
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman debuted during 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice , and fans can take home a piece of the heroine's introduction in the form of the Lasso of Truth . This particular Lasso is in full production-used excellent condition which makes it even more valuable.

Chris Evans' Captain America Helmet Prop
Chris Evans' Captain America Helmet Prop from The First Avenger

MCU fans will get the chance to take home a battle-distressed combat helmet of Captain America from 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger . The movie-accurate detail is perfectly shown through the cast rubber shell of the combat helmet prop while also staying true to its comic book roots.

Captain America's Leather Gauntlet Prop
Captain America's Leather Gauntlet Movie Prop from Captain America: The First Avenger

Another piece to the Captain America ensemble is the iconic leather gauntlet of the super soldier. This movie prop was used by Chris Evans while filming The First Avenger . That information alone should be more than enough reason to bid for this iconic piece of memorabilia.

Captain America Shirt Movie Prop
Captain America Shirt Movie Prop Worn By Chris Evans

This nylon and spandex sleeveless shirt was worn by Chris Evans' Captain America during his mission to save Bucky. Obtaining this movie prop should hold significance since fans can take a piece of MCU history to their homes.

Captain America’s screen-matched USO Heater Shield
Captain America’s screen-matched USO Heater Shield from Captain America: The First Avenger

Fans will get the chance to obtain Cap's first ever shield that appeared during his theatrical debut. This screen-matched USO Heater Shield has movie-accurate dents and scratches. On top of that, this iconic piece of imagery is expertly studio painted and finished.

Iron Man Mark IV Arc Reactor Movie Prop
Mark IV Arc Reactor Movie Prop from Iron Man 2

Tony Stark's journey in the MCU might already have ended, but fans' admiration for the character is not truly gone. By obtaining this Mark IV Arc Reactor chest piece , fans will get a sense of nostalgia for the beloved MCU hero. Not only that, this movie prop also retained the plugs, cables, and electronics that were used during Iron Man 2 , giving fans a perfect addition to their storied MCU collection.

Deadshot's Wrist Gun Movie Prop
Deadshot's Wrist Gun Gauntlet Movie Prop from Suicide Squad

Will Smith's Deadshot was one of the breakout characters during 2016's Suicide Squad, and the villain's marksman skills was used to full extent during the film. It seems that fans will get a sense of those skills as this wrist-mounted gauntlet gun prop from the film will soon be available online for auction. This well-detailed movie prop is confirmed to be in good production-use, giving fans a chance to either display or use the precious item.

Captain America Belt Movie Prop from The Avengers
Captain America Belt Movie Prop from The Avengers

Captain America received an upgraded suit from SHIELD during 2012's The Avengers . Now, fans will get the chance to take a closer look at one of the elements of the iconic suit by obtaining this movie-worn belt . The belt was made from blue nylon and also includes multiple pouches and a metal clip.

Lady Sif's Shield Movie Prop from Thor
Lady Sif's Shield Movie Prop from Thor

Not much is known about the potential MCU return of Jamie Alexander's Lady Sif, but fans can still obtain the fearsome Asgardian's movie-accurate shield . This shield is expertly painted with metallic gold and silver colors while also having a hard cast rubber as base.

Grandmaster's Orgy Ship Dash Panel Movie Prop
Grandmaster's Orgy Ship Dash Panel Movie Prop from Thor: Ragnarok

The Grandmaster is one of the wackiest MCU villains, debuting in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok . In one of the movie's funniest scenes, Bruce Banner and Thor are aboard the Grandmaster's "birthday" ship which ultimately led to the reveal that it was actually used for something other than natal day celebrations. And now, fans can relive that moment by getting a hold of the ship's dash panel . Fans don't need to worry about any semblance of Grandmaster's wacky antics, but the movie-accurate plastic panel with silver metal veneer should deem worthy enough for a place in anyone's collecting vault.

Thor's Mjolnir Hammer from Thor: The Dark World
Thor's Mjolnir Hammer Movie Prop from Thor: The Dark World

Saving the best for last, Thor's Mjolnir has been an iconic weapon throughout the Infinity Saga. If anything, this powerful hammer is way up there in the list of objects that fans want to have in their own MCU collection. It looks like a lucky fan's wish will be fulfilled soon since a Mjolnir movie prop used by Chris Hemsworth will soon be available for auction. The head of this recognizable weapon is made of dense foam rubber, but that doesn't remove the significance of obtaining a rare piece of MCU memorabilia like this one.

All things considered, these movie props changed both the MCU and DCEU in memorable ways. No doubt, taking a movie prop that was used by actors while filming holds significance, and in some form, bragging rights. It is not everyday that these rare objects are available, and this auction presents an opportunity for those who want to get a piece of these monumental franchises to their own self-fulfilled collections.