Man of Steel 2’s Villain Reportedly Revealed

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While Man of Steel 2 is no longer happening for the DCU, a new report seems to have revealed who the big bad of the film was.

Cavill’s version of Superman never really had many of his own villains to go up against. Of course, there was Zod, Doomsday, and Lex—but that’s about it, and two of those three didn’t have much screentime with the Man of Steel.

Sadly, with Man of Steel 2 not happening, Cavill won’t be getting the chance to fight any more of his rogues' gallery.  But if the movie had made it through production, who would have been the villain?

Thankfully, fans can now find out.

Henry Cavill's Scrapped Superman Sequel Villain

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter has been released, and in it, the outlet revealed that its sources claimed to have known the big bad of the now-canceled Man of Steel 2.


According to them, Brainiac was the villain of the in-development project. The character is a megalomaniacal robotic genius who goes around the universe stealing knowledge and whole cities while adding them all to his collection. He’s long been one of Superman’s most iconic villains.

The script was being worked on in the midst of Dwayne Johnson pushing for Cavill’s return, while also establishing his own properties in the DCU. Now, all of his plans are in question, especially after the movie’s small worldwide box office of $389 million and Cavill’s exit.

Which Superman Villain Will Make the Cut?

Brainiac seems to be a common pick for the next Superman film, and he would have shown up if Zach Snyder had a say. It wouldn’t be all too surprising if audiences end up getting him in the end anyways, despite all of the regime changes.

One villain who could be the perfect fit for a Superman, written by James Gunn, is Mr. Myxlplyx. The baddie is a prankster imp from the fifth dimension, one who isn’t bound by the physical laws of this universe.

He’s zany, spontaneous, and would be an extremely unique character to see Superman go up against on the big screen. Though, if the creatives want massive fights, they might need to pair him with someone else.

Other options like the alien warlord Mongul, extradimensional psychopath Lobo, or Kryptonite-fused Metallo could work great as well.

As sad as it was for Cavill to go through what he has, a fresh start is needed and could pave the road to the best Superman adaptation the world has ever seen.

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